Homeschool Words

The Rozumowicz Family

  • My family started with Folsom Cordova Community Charter School in 2006 and we are still enrolled today.  I have four children, all who have enjoyed and participated in the free interactive workshops, captivating field trips, and many other enrichment activities. Our family used the enrichment stipends to purchase and/or attend additional elective classes that supported my student’s interests. At first, I was overwhelmed as a new homeschool parent.  However, the teachers helped me feel confident and prepared to take on the role as my children’s teacher. The staff all helped me pick out the perfect curriculum for each of my children’s specific needs and interests. I really appreciated the vast amount of knowledge and support that I received. I truly love the individual care that has been given to each of my children. One of my sons needed special academic assistance and he was given tremendous positive resources that helped him excel to the best of his abilities.The program has allowed my children to grow and become well-rounded humans.  I  recommend Folsom Cordova Community Charter School to you, so you can take advantage of the benefits of the program too. 


    Jennifer Rozumowicz