• Update: FCUSD Message to the Community, Nov 3

    November 3, 2021

    Dear FCUSD Community: Please see the message below with important information.

    The COVID-19 Dashboard had been updated. Please visit: www.fcusd.org/COVID

    State and local agencies are coming together to present: COVID-19 Vaccine Educational Forum for Parents and Guardians Thursday, November 4 • 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

    Regular Board Meeting Information

    Please note: The New Pacific Charter School petition and the second hearing will be placed on the November 18 Board agenda. Please keep reading for more information.

    The FCUSD staff report in response to the petition will be published by end of the day today, Wednesday, November 3 on our website for Board Public Notices

    Next Regular Board Meeting: November 4, 2021

    Closed Session: 5:00 p.m.; Open Session: 6:00 p.m.

    The full agenda, instructions for participating in-person or on Zoom, and instructions for participating in public comments can be found on our website:


    Upcoming agenda item for November 18 Board  

    Public Hearing Notice: New Pacific Charter School – Rancho Cordova Petition

    FCUSD received a petition from New Pacific School, to open a school in Rancho Cordova which is within the boundaries of the school district. Pursuant to California Education Code Section 47605(b), and at the October 21 Board meeting, the governing board of the school district held a public hearing to consider the level of support for the petition by teachers employed by the school district, other employees of the school district, and parents.

    The second public hearing will take place at the upcoming November 18 Board meeting. A District report on findings will also be presented at the November 18 Board meeting for Board discussion and a decision. Staff’s report will be published in advance of the November 18 meeting on this link: Board Public Notices

    Many may have questions regarding how charter schools work and the process for establishment. Below are a few FAQs to address this. 


    Is New Pacific Charter School petitioning to become part of Folsom Cordova Unified School District?

    No. New Pacific Charter School would be an independent charter school, with its own Board of Directors and staff. 

    Doesn’t FCUSD have a charter school?

    Yes. FCUSD has a dependent charter school, the Folsom Cordova Community Charter School, (FCCCS) which is more commonly known as our homeschool program.  

    Why is New Pacific School petitioning FCUSD?

    Even though an independent charter school would not be part of FCUSD, California law requires school districts to review all charter school petitions, if opening within the school district’s attendance boundary. Petitions must meet standardized criteria, of 15 elements, that consist of operational viability, necessary licensures and certifications, as well as programming or educational offerings that are unique and not provided by the local school district. 

    What would FCUSD’s role be if New Pacific School is approved?

    FCUSD would become the charter authorizing agency

    What are the oversight responsibilities of a charter authorizing entity?

    The charter authorizing entity is responsible for ensuring the charter school operates in compliance with all applicable laws and the terms of its charter. EC Section 47604.32  identifies the duties of a charter authorizing entity. The charter authorizing entity is also responsible for reviewing the charter annually, with regards to student performance data, financials, and LCAP requirements.

    For more information on Charter School in California, please visit the California Department of Education’s website for Frequently Asked Questions:

    CDE Charter School FAQ