Concert Performances & Festivals

  • Concert Calendar:

    October 13 - 7:15PM (7:00PM arrival time) Autumn Serenade Concert and Raffle (Advanced ensembles only, at SMS)

            Autumn Serenade Schedule:

    • 6:30pm - Advanced Choir
    • 6:50pm - Jazz Band
    • 7:15pm - Advanced Orchestra
    • 7:35pm - Advanced Band/Wind Ensemble


    October 28/29 - 7:30PM (arrival time TBA) Performance at ARC (Advanced only, OPTIONAL)

    December 13 - 6:30PM (6:00PM arrival time) Winter Concert (at SMS)

    March 2 - 6:30PM (6:00PM arrival time) Spring Concert (at SMS)  

    April 29 Music in the Parks Festival (Advanced only, OPTIONAL, all day field trip)

    May 17 - Time TBA Serenade Under the Stars Concert (at SMS)  

    *All concerts are required except for the April 29th Music in the Parks Festival. All concerts are worth 100 points and count towards 70% of the students' grade. If a student has a conflict with a concert date or time, please let me know as soon as possible so an alternate assignment can be given. Emergencies are handled on a case-by-case basis.  


    What to Wear: 

    Intermediate Orchestra students will wear white nice or dressy shirts with black pants, black socks and black shoes or long skirts with tights and black shoes (knees must be covered). Please no T-shirts, jeans or pants with holes. (The same clothing will be required for all upcoming concerts as well.)

    Advanced Orchestra students will wear “concert black” (All black, nice/dressy black shirt or blouse and nice black pants with black socks and black shoes or long skirt with tights and black shoes (Knees must be covered). Please no T-shirts, jeans or pants with holes.


    *Orchestra concert performances are required and account for 30% of overall grades each term, 100 points each. Performances are a team effort and all student participation is necessary to achieve an appropriate balance and blend. If a student is not able to perform at a concert, they must communicate with me as soon as possible to arrange an alternate assignment. Emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Please plan on parents, friends and family attending as a live audience. Further guidelines will be given closer to the concert date. If we are not able to have an in-person concert, students will still perform and the concert will be livestreamed/recorded for parents and family members.