• Update: Message to the FCUSD Community

    September 15, 2021

    Dear FCUSD Community: Please read below for important updates.

    The COVID-19 Dashboard has been updated. Please visit: www.fcusd.org/COVID

    IMPORTANT: Social media trend, encouraging unlawful behavior.

    Social media challenges are circulating on TikTok, in which students are encouraged to steal or damage school property. This is a nationwide issue that is affecting school districts across the country, our state, and here in Folsom Cordova schools.

    Several of our schools have recently experienced serious vandalism to school property, and theft of school and staff personal property. This is costly and unlawful behavior. The damages and stolen property are then posted and flaunted on TikTok in order for the poster to gain likes and increased visibility. 

    Students participating in this social media challenge may not realize the seriousness of their actions or realize the impact the disciplinary consequences may have. What may seem like a game, is illegal and dangerous. Our principals and staff are monitoring our campuses, and we are working with law enforcement closely on this trend. We are also encouraging parents and guardians to monitor their student’s social media accounts. Please talk with your student about this and explain the seriousness of this issue. If you have any information or concerns, please reach out to your school site principal.