• Update: Message to the FCUSD Community

    September 1, 2021

    Dear FCUSD Community: Please see the following message for important COVID updates.

    The COVID-19 Dashboard has been updated. Please visit www.fcusd.org/COVID

    You will notice that we have added a column for site populations of staff and students. These numbers are subject to fluctuations.

    COVID safety measures

    As you can see on the COVID-19 Dashboard numbers are on the rise for positive cases and students on quarantine across the District. Currently, District-wide, we have 92 active COVID 19 cases and 960 students and staff on quarantine. These numbers are nearly double what they were last week. Last week we had 55 positive cases and 524 on quarantine.

    As infection rates continue to climb, the District and our school sites are put in the difficult position of trying to create as “normal” a school environment as possible, while also doing everything possible to limit the chances of virus spread and keep the maximum number of students in class. Please remember, our younger students are still not eligible to receive the vaccine.

    Our primary objective is to keep students and staff healthy, safe, and in class for in-person instruction. We are asking for your support and help.

    Sacramento County Public Health (SCPH) now strongly recommends students and staff wear face coverings outdoors, especially in situations where students and staff will be in close contact with each other. Therefore, we are encouraging all students and staff to wear face coverings outdoors.

    As a reminder, wearing face coverings indoors remains a requirement per public health.

    Additionally, and per SCPH recommendations, the District is implementing the following practices and expectations for activities and events at all schools.

    1. Limitation on physical “co-mingling” of classes, such as “buddy classes” getting together for indoor activities. There are exceptions, such as music in the elementary grades, but where it isn’t essential, we will push pause on activities where different classes come into contact with each other.
    2. Postponement on school dances for the time being. However, alternative events for students can be explored that utilize outdoor spaces, including mask wearing and minimizing close contact.
    3. Postponement on school-wide events such as “Fall Festivals,” and “Family Movie Nights.”

    No one at the District or your school site wants to limit these activities. We don’t take any decision to restrict school wide events lightly. We know the value of culture and community building that takes place during activities and events. We are simply prioritizing our highest charge, and that is classroom education, and we will use every resource we have to continue safely teaching and learning in person.

    As always, we appreciate the support of our parents and community members as we do all we can to keep our students and staff on campus for in-person learning throughout the school year.