Class Information for Reel to Reel

    (Film as Literature)


    Mrs. Book: jbook@fcusd.org


    About the Class:  Reel to Reel  is a semester long class designed to examine film as a form of literature.  Students will learn to view films critically for specific literary concepts and film elements.  The literary concepts covered will include: genre, characterization, plot, setting, theme, high and low comedy, archetype, satire, parody, utopia/dystopia, tone, mood, irony, symbolism, figurative language, hyperbole, allegory, motif, and point of view.  This class will include discussion, note taking, research, presentation, collaboration, and writing in a variety of forms.    

    Assignments:  All assignments will be assigned as classwork.  Classwork assignments are listed  on the front board.  If an assignment is not completed during class time, it should be completed as homework.  Students can keep track of any missing, late, or make-up work by using Power School. I update grades regularly.  

    Late and Make-up Work:  All late and make-up work will be accepted until the last week of the semester. Do your best to complete assignments on time.  I am available for help before school, during 8th grade lunch, and after school. 

    Grading:  I grade on a point system.  This means that I assign a point value to each assignment.  Grades are determined by the percentage of total points earned.  Parents can monitor their student’s progress in Power School. 

    100-93=A,   92-90=A- ,  89-88=B+,  87-83=B,     82-80=B-,   79-78=C+,

    77-73=C,     72-70=C-,   69-68=D+,  67-63=D,     62-60=D-


    Behavior Expectations: In order to provide an environment in which students are able to learn, it’s important to maintain an orderly classroom.  For this reason, students are expected to abide by the rules in the Sutter Middle School Handbook and the following classroom rules:


    1.     Be respectful to others and school property.
    2.     No gum chewing, eating, or drinking beverages other than water.
    3.     Stay on task. If you are on a Chromebook, stay on assignment related sites.  
    4.     Raise your hand to speak aloud or leave your seat during direct  
    5.     Be seated and prepared to work when the bell rings.


    If a student is not following these rules, I will speak with that student.  If the behavior continues, the consequences may include parent contact, a step on the Due Process form, and a change in citizenship grade.  *Citizenship grades can improve if student behavior improves. 



    O= Outstanding-Regular participation is needed to achieve this grade. 


    N=Needs Improvement



    How to contact me:  The best way to contact me is by email.  My email address is jbook@fcusd.org.  I try to respond to emails on the day that I receive them.  


    Films: I may show the following films this semester trimester.  Each film will be associated with one or more assignments.  If a student does not have parent permission to view a particular film, an alternative assignment will be provided.  


    Chasing Coral (documentary), Children of Heaven-PG, Coco-PG, Enchanted-PG, ET-PG, Goonies-PG,Hachi-G, Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone-PG, Hidden Figures-PG,Holes-PG, Hoosiers-PG,Hugo-PG, Jumanji (1995)-PG, Life of Pi-PG, Little Women (2019)- PG, McFarland, USA-PG, October Sky-PG, Queen of Katwe- PG, Secondhand Lions-PG, Spirited Away-PG,Star Wars: A New Hope-PG, The Boy Who Harnassed the Wind-PG,The Emperor’s New Groove-G, The Jungle Book (2016)-PG,The Sandlot-PG,The Secret Garden-G, The Truman Show-PG The Wizard of OZ-G, Tuck Everlasting-PG, Whale Rider-PG-13

    My child has permission to view the films listed above.  


     Parent Signature: _______________________________________ 

    Student Name (printed):_________________________________________