• Honors English 8

    Class Information and Procedures

    Mrs. Book





    About the Class: Honors English will primarily use the Studysync program. Studysync is aligned with the Common Core Standards for reading, writing, oral and written conventions, speaking, and listening.  Novels and other supplementary readings will be used in conjunction with Studysync. The rate, depth, and complexity of material in honors English differ from that of regular English classes.  Honors students are expected to be:


    •  Self-Directed Learners who read and write independently, gaining confidence in their ability to think on their own and take responsibility for their own learning
    •  Effective Communicators who are able to relate clear and logical thought, both orally and in writing.  
    •  Collaborative Workers who are capable of working in both large and small groups in order to produce well-organized, thoughtful products such as speeches or analysis of literature.
    • Constructive Thinkers who reflect on their reading and writing to enhance the outcomes of their work.  
    • Higher Level Thinkers who engage in activities such as analysis of characters, evaluation and peer editing of essays, and synthesis of a number of resources into a final written product.
    • Quality Producers/Performers who take pride in all assignments and realize the value of creating an error-free product that is original in substance.


    Grading:  I grade using a point system.  This means that I assign a point value to each assignment.  Grades are determined by the percentage of total points earned.

    100-99=A+     98-93=A   92-90=A-   89-88=B+   87-83=B     82-80=B-  79-78=C+      77-73=C    72-70=C-   69-68=D+  67-63=D     62-60=D-


    Classwork and homework assignments are listed on the board.  Most classwork and some homework assignments are completed in the English notebook. Larger assignments will be posted in Google Classroom  All homework and notebook assignments will be listed on my teacher website.


    Expectations: During the first semester, late work will be accepted; however, twenty percent of the total points will be subtracted for each day that an assignment is late.  During the second semester,  no late work will be accepted. Homework assignments are rarely due the day after they are assigned, so students usually have multiple nights to complete one assignment.   Neatness is expected on all assignments. If a student needs help, I am available before school, at lunch, and after school.  


    Absences: It is a student’s responsibility to find out what, if any, assignments were missed when they were absent. I am available for help both via email and in person. Please make-up missing work in within two weeks of your return.   Homework and notebook assignments will be posted on my teacher website.  Larger assignments are posted in Google Classroom.  


    Supplies:  Students need a college ruled notebook. Generally, students need about 180 pages of notebook space for the year.  Some students prefer three 60-70 page notebooks, and others use one larger notebook for the entire year. I recommend the type that rips out easily, without a perforated edge. Additionally, students should always have several dark blue or black pens and a highlighter of any color. 


     Behavior Expectations: In order to provide an environment in which students are able to learn, it’s important to maintain an orderly classroom.  For this reason, students are expected to abide by the rules in the Sutter Middle School Handbook and the following classroom rules:


    1.     Be respectful to others and school property.
    2.     No gum chewing, eating, or drinking beverages other than water.
    3.     Stay on task. If you are on a Chromebook, stay on assignment related sites.  
    4.     Raise your hand to speak aloud or leave your seat during direct  
    5.     Be seated and prepared to work when the bell rings.


    If a student is not following these rules, I will speak with that student.  If the behavior continues, the consequences may include parent contact, a step on the Due Process form, and a change in citizenship grade.  *Citizenship grades can improve if student behavior improves. 



    O= Outstanding-Regular participation is needed to achieve this grade. 


    N=Needs Improvement



    How to contact me:  The best way to contact me is by email.  My email address is jbook@fcusd.org.  I try to respond to emails on the day that I receive them.  

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    Parent Permission for Viewing Class Related Film Segments


    I plan to show scenes from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (PG-13) and portions of An Evening with a Holocaust Surviver: Irving Roth.  I have a recording of Mr. Roth speaking at the Folsom Community Center in 2020. Both of these selections will be associated with class writing assignments.  If a student does not have parent permission to view the film, an alternative assignment will be provided. 



    My child has permission to view scenes from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and An Evening with a Holocaust Surviver: Irving Roth.  


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