• Science Syllabus (Mr. Crain, Room 313)

    Welcome to 7th grade Science! Here are the main things you will need to know about my class.

    Course Content Includes:

    • Intro to science/engineering - lab safety,  C.E.R. (claim, evidence, reasoning), engineering/design process

    • Unit 1: States of Matter - properties of a substance, periodic table, phase changes, molecular motion

    • Unit 2: Chemical Reactions - chemical and physical changes vs reactions, conservation of matter/energy

    • Unit 3: Biodome Catasphrote - photosynthesis and cellular respiration

    • Unit 4: Community planning based on natural resources - Plate tectonics theory, evidence of plate tectonics

    • Unit 5: Leaving a legacy (Restoring the wetlands) - Cycling of matter and flow of energy in an ecosystem.

    • Unit 6: Positive Prevention Plus (Family Life)


    • 1 Notebook (college rule, 100+ pages

    • 1 Folder to hold returned work.

    • Highlighters (at least 2 colors)

    • Pens and Pencils

    • Hair tie for long hair (lab safety)

    • Coloring Pencils 

    • Glue stick (will be used often)

    • Sticky Notes (standard size)

    *If these materials are a financial burden, please let me or your child’s counselor know.

    Classroom Policies: All school wide policies/rules described in the Student Handbook apply to my classroom. If a student is disruptive to my teaching or the learning of others, appropriate consequences will follow. 

    Grading: Class grades are placed in weighted categories (40%= Summative Assessment, 30%= Labs/Activities, 30%= Classwork/Homework). See “Late Work” below for information regarding the late policy. Citizenship grade is different from class grade and is used to reflect student behavior/effort. 

    Homework: Assignments will be posted on the classroom white board, Google Classroom, and on my FMS teacher websites for the week (updated every Monday afterschool and is subject to change). Some homework assignments will be graded while others may not (those assignments will be communicated to students). 

    Late Work: Most homework assignments will NOT be accepted late! “No Late” will be posted next to these assignments. 

    Absent Procedures: 

    It is the student’s responsibility to see me for absent work the DAY they return to school. 

    Absent work needs to be made up within 2 days (per each day absent) of being absent.  After this time period, it will be considered missing and late. 

    Questions or Concerns? (Teacher Communication):  

    1st- Your student should be the first point of contact. They should know what is going on in class.

    2nd- Please check Google Classroom and PowerSchool.

    3rd- If you still haven’t found the information you are seeking… send me an email at MCrain@fcusd.org

      IMPORTANT! Please include your student's full name and period number. Thank you. 


    ***Syllabus Signatures will be collected on the back of the “Get to know me” Form students were given on the 1st day of school. Thank you.***