• Be respectful! Show respect to everyone and everything in our classroom. In particular, respect others’ opinions (which does not mean that you have to agree with them). Also, be willing to share your opinion and participate in discussion. 


    Be on time!  You are expected to attend every class on time.  Arriving late is distracting.  This means when your block starts you are in your seat and have the day’s material out.  Tardies will negatively impact your citizenship grade - see Vista’s Tardy Policy for details).  Five tardies will result in an “N” and eight or more tardies will result in a “U.”  Please see Vista’s grading policy for more details.  


    Be prepared to succeed! Always give your best effort on all class assignments and activities; they are opportunities to learn, achieve, and grow.  Homework, reading, and projects will be done before coming into class. I understand your best effort will vary based on what’s going on in your life. Communicate with me proactively to let me know about issues impacting your ability to participate fully in our class.


    Use technology responsibly! Leave your phone in the pocket hanger during class so you can relax and focus. When we use chromebooks, stay focused on the task at hand. At home,  keep your phone off and in a different room so you can complete your work quickly and accurately.

    Be a person of integrity!  Remember that your personal honor is a precious and important part of who you are as an individual.  While students are encouraged to help each other and work together, I will not tolerate cheating. Cheating occurs whenever a student attempts to take credit for someone else’s effort, this includes copy and pasting work from the internet or another student.  For definitions of behaviors that are considered cheating and their consequences refer to the Vista’s Academic Integrity Policy.


    Stay focused on the task at hand! Phones must be stowed in the phone holder, and chromebooks are only for class purposes.