Elementary School Choice

    2023-24 Elementary School Choice
    School Choice Application forms will be due February 10, 2023 to your home-boundary school.  

    Elementary families must submit school choice forms annually:

    • For continuing school choice requests, the form is returned with the student’s registration packet at the student’s current school of attendance.
    • For new school choice requests, the form is returned to the student’s home school (based on household address)
    All School Choice applications submitted during this period will be considered at the same time, rather than on a first-come, first-served basis. 
    If necessary, the determination of space availability will be made as specified on the reverse side of the form. 

    In the event that space becomes available, this School Choice/Transfer Application is for the current school year only, and it may become necessary to return your student to his/her home school the following year to accommodate children who have moved into the school's attendance area during the school year.
    The approval of your application for School Choice may be revoked at any time if your student fails to comply with the school’s rules regarding completion of assigned work, student behavior and attendance, including arrival and departure times.
    Should your application be denied, appeals will only be accepted in writing to the FCUSD district office.