• Scarf Juggling & Ball Shooting
    Since this Friday is tie-dye day...
    ALL GRADES  How To Make A Tie-Dye Shirt  (2:55)
    Here's some more t-shirt ideas...
    ALL GRADES  T-Shirt Revamp  (2:27)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade WARM-UP  You Are The Best with Koo Koo Kanga Roo  (3:22)
    It's scarf time! If you don't have light scarves, you can use crinkled paper towels, napkins, Kleenex tissues, or even toilet paper.
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Scarf Juggling with YoYo  (6:37)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Scarf Dance  (4:12)
    Now try these hand movements with your scarf. The guy on the video uses a baseball, but I want you to use your scarf. The guy moves pretty fast. You don't need to move as fast as him. Take your time, and have fun while you work on your scarf juggling.
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Hand Toss  (1:38)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade WARM-UP  Solid Gold Boxing  (4:07)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  Born To Be Yours Workout  (3:37)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  BEEF Shooting  (2:16)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  "Validation" Shooting Game  (4:42)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  Little Big Shot  (1:01)