• Catches, Rolls, & Passes
    You can practice these two skills without a softball/baseball glove. You can use your hands, a cup, or a scoop to catch the ball.
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  How To Catch Rolling and Fly Balls  (2:40)
    Make sure you are on a soft surface for these rolls (mat, carpet, grass).
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Log Roll 1  (0:33)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Log Roll 2  (0:08)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Log Roll 3  (0:09)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  A Different Kind of Log Roll!  (3:53)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Egg Roll 1  (1:33)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Egg Roll 2  (0:37)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  A Different Kind of Egg Roll!  (0:25)
     This video is focused on baseball, but it has helpful tips for ANY fly ball. Using a glove to catch is not necessary. Use any light ball, and use your hands, a cup, a scoop, a bucket, or even a box to catch.
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  Catching Fly Balls  (2:12)
    Even the pros make mistakes.
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  MLB Dropping Fly Balls  (3:43)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  Chest Passing  (0:46)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  Bounce Passing  (0:53)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  Chest and Bounce Passes (Basketball)  (2:12)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  Passing Variations  (1:07)