• Overhand Throwing & Striking (Fri.)
    * It's time to work on our OVERHAND throwing and striking either indoors or outdoors.
    * Whether indoors or outdoors, LOOK OUT for objects (including pets) where you live.
    * While indoors, use a soft object to throw and strike (squishy ball, socks, crumpled piece of paper, beach ball, balloon, inflated ziploc baggie).
    * If outdoors, a heavier/harder object can be thrown (bean bag, tennis ball, softball, baseball), but a soft object should be struck (beach ball, balloon, inflated ziploc baggie).
     * Make sure you have enough room to move.
    * I don't want you to break anything or yourself.
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade  Learning an Overhand Throw  (2:15)
    ALL GRADES  Overhand Throwing Challenge  (3:40)
    ALL GRADES  Around the World Throwing Game  (2:57)
    (Kinder-2nd Grade  Have a basket full of balls so the thrower can make multiple attempts at each target without shagging the balls.)
    (3rd Grade-5th Grade  Adjust the distance from each target, and the size of the targets according to your experience.)
    ALL GRADES  Overhand Throw Battleship  (7:17)
    (This is from last week. Watch if you need to make your own paddle. Plus it's a great example of striking.)
    ALL GRADES  How to Overhand Strike  (2:44)
    ALL GRADES  ABC Strike  (4:07)
    (2nd-5th Grades  Instead of saying ABC's, say the names of colors, cars, teams, t.v. shows, items of clothing, etc.) 
    ALL GRADES  Overhand Striking Activity  (4:00)
    (This teacher uses UNDERHAND to strike. I want you to use OVERHAND for this activity.)
    ALL GRADES  Balloon Pong  (2:31)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  How to Forehand Strike  (2:20)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade  How to Backhand Strike  (1:30)