PLTW Topics and Projects

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) Course Study 2020-2021

    • Design Process
    • Modeling
    • Sketching
    • Measurement, Statistics, and Applied Geometry
    • Presentation Design and Delivery
    • Engineering Drawing Standards
    • CAD Solid Modeling
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Consumer Product Design Innovation
    • Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Engineering Ethics
    • Virtual Design Teams


    Principles of Engineering (POE) Course Units 2020 - 2021

    Unit 1 Energy and Power

         o Mechanisms

         o Energy Sources

         o Energy Applications

    Unit 2 Materials and Structures

         o Statics

         o Material Properties

         o Material Testing

    Unit 3 Control Systems

         o Machine Control

         o Fluid Power

    Unit 4 Statistics and Kinematics


    IED and POE Course Requirements

    Students will need to bring the following items to class daily:

    • Pen or Pencil
    • Folder
    • Engineering Notebook
    • Scientific Calculator


    Advisory 10

    Advisory IS...

    • Time for teachers to connect with students
    • Time for teachers to check in on advisory students’ academic progress
    • Time to discuss important issues relevant to the students’ grade level