• Underhand Tossing & Striking (Fri.)
    * It's time to work on our UNDERHAND tossing and striking either indoors or outdoors.
    * Whether indoors or outdoors, LOOK OUT for objects (including pets) where you live.
    * While indoors, use a soft object to toss and strike (squishy ball, socks, beach ball, balloon, inflated ziploc baggie, crumpled piece of paper).
    * If outdoors, a heavier/harder object can be tossed (bean bag, tennis ball), but a soft object should be struck (beach ball, balloon).
     * Make sure you have enough room to move.
    * I don't want you to break anything or yourself.
    ALL GRADES WARM-UP  Sock Ball Challenges  (7:28)
    ALL GRADES  How to Underhand Toss  (2:15)
    ALL GRADES  Underhand Toss Practice Game     (1:03)
    ALL GRADES  Move-Up Toss Game  (2:56)
    (3rd Grade-5th Grade, toss from farther back and set-up targets that are farther apart.)
    ALL GRADES  "On a Boat" Underhand Toss Game  (1:47)
    Now, your TARGET is up in the air and you will catch the object yourself.
    ALL GRADES  7 Tossing Challenges  (8:04)
    ALL GRADES  How to Underhand Strike  (1:11)
    (Kinders-2nd Grade should use a balloon or inflated ziploc baggie for this activity.)
    Now, instead of your TARGET being in front of you, your TARGET is up in the air.
    Please use your HAND first, then go on to the next video, make your paddle, then use your paddle.
    ALL GRADES  Keep It Up Activity  (1:54)