Challenge/Placement Test Information

  • Challenge tests are offered for students who are seeking to progress and self-study in math and world language. Taking the test is not recommended as it is better to learn the material in class. Students who pass the test with a B or better may progress to the next course. The grade earned on the test is posted on the student's high school transcript and credits will be awarded. The test is typically offered one time in August.

    During registration, enter the course that you are “supposed” to go into.

    For example: If you are currently in IM1 but want to challenge IM2, enter IM2 on your course selection and then attend our special info session for the Challenge Test. Review this presentation for next steps on how to register for this test.

    Math Challenge Tests cover the state standards for each course with an emphasis on algebraic skills. The California standards and many curricular products can be found online. To be successful in a subsequent course, students must know the material from the prior courses which is best learned with guidance from teachers throughout a school year. The challenge tests are very rigorous as students demonstrate mastery of the course.