• Kicking With Toe or Instep


    TK-K-SDC   Step 1: For everyone but TK-K-SDC will stay with this step


                               1.Stand -Focus eyes on ball

                               2. Watch Ball - feet staggered with kicking foot in front

                               3. Take big step with non-kicking leg to a point beside the ball or object you are kicking

                               4.  Contact the ball below its midpoint if you are kicking with your instep or kick in the middle if you are kicking with your toe. Your instep is your shoelace part of your shoe.


    1st-5th       Step 2: 


                                1. Stand back and watch ball- feet staggered

                                2. Big Step - with non kicking leg

                                3. Lift back kicking leg

                                4. Swing kicking leg forward towards ball/object while kicking

                                5. Follow through


    2nd-5th     Step  3: Mature Form


                               1. Big Step - Lift back

                               2. Straighten

                               3. Swing leg

                               4. swing hand with kicking leg 

                               5. Follow through


    3rd-5th      Step 4: Move with momentum


                              1. Approach

                              2. Lift Back

                              3. Swing

                              4. Land softly


    3rd-5th      Step 5: Hit target


    3rd-5th       Step 6 : hit longer or moving target