• Underhand Strike


    SDC-TK-K 1st Step: 1. Feet staggered ( opposite leg of hand you are striking with should be in front ) 

                    2. Put your palm with a flat hand underneath ball/object you are striking. Put ball/object at waist level

                    3. Flat hand touch

                    4. Watch ball/object

                    5. Strike ball/object underhand  10 times


    K-3  2nd Step: 1. Feet Staggered - touch ball/object

                     2. Swing the arm back that you are striking ball/object with

                     3. Swing Forward

                     4. Strike ball underhand/object by swing through underneath

                     5. Repeat 10  times


    K-5   3rd Step: Add step forward

                    1. Feet staggered-touch ball/object

                    2. Swing back

                    3. Swing forward and step forward

                    4. swing through after striking underneath ball/object

                    5. repeat 10 times


    1st- 5th  4th Step: Add distance

                    1. Repeat the first 4 steps

                    2. ball/object must travel at least 7-10 feet

                    3. When you get good at striking for distance , hit it farther each time

                    4. K-2 recommended distance - 30 feet

                        3-5 recommended distance - 40 feet

    2nd-5th   5th Step: Add a target

                    1. Repeat the first 4 steps

                    2. Strike ball/object underneath into a hula hoop/circle ,box, hit a target.