summer school 2023 FCUSD Summer Session Information 


    Summer Session will be held at Cordova High School

    Dates: June 5th- June 23rd, No school (Juneteenth) Holiday- June 19th

    Monday – Friday: (In-Person)                                                    
    Period 1:                      8:30 – 10:30
    Break/Passing             10:30 – 10:45
    Period 2:                      10:45 – 12:45
    Grab and Go Lunch:    12:45

    Students are expected to be available during the entire summer session. Students will only be able to remediate to a C+.  


    Sign ups: https://forms.gle/o43gYSaYdbV5f9WF7


    Remedial Summer School

    Can only repeat courses if you earned a D or F.  



    Enrichment Summer School

    Students MUST demonstrate an “impacted schedule” AND view the Enrichment Summer School Presentation on the FHS Counseling website (Physical Education)



    General Information about outside programs (enrichment and remediation)- Please contact your counselor for prior approval for outside institutions/programs. 


    **Options For Youth-OFY

    Sign up: https://forms.gle/Pi87CtnnRQder2WZ9  

    No Cost

    July 3rd -First Day of Instruction (July Intersession)

    Online Orientation: Start April
    Must have reliable internet access
    Must have computer access (not just a tablet or cell phone)
    Must be able to attend 2 times a week online for short appointment

    Academic Remedial Courses and Health/PE Enrichment

    *can only take 1 semester of PE

    OFY Course List