• How can this course help you fullfill graduation requirements?

    CTE courses are considered electives as well as CTE courses and can be used in several ways:

    • You can take a CTE course instead of a World language or a Visual and Performing Arts course. 
    • Video Production credits can be used to fulfill the VAPA/CTE/3rd year science requirement
    • You need 50 credits of electives of which all could be CTE courses.
    • Courses meet UC A - G requirements
    • Students who complete this pathway VP 1, 2, 3 earn a CTE Pathway Completion cord upon graduation 


    Video Production 1

    Students learn industry lingo, phrases, and equipment imperative to being a functioning, contributing  member of the production team. We identify basic filming concepts such as shot angles, storyboarding, and editing, from script development to the final edit of a short film.  Students will learn film analysis and work both independently and in collaborative environments. 

    Video Production 2

    Video Production 2 continues to develop foundational skills covered in VP1 as well as develop new skills. Students will explore the technical side of story telling by developing lighting, sound, and editing techniques through a variety of projects. Emphasis will be placed on how individual positions within the industry, and how they contribute to the overall production. Students will have the opportunity to enter Video Contests by producing a project from development to delivery. In addition students will collaborate in production teams alongside Vista’s Student Government to produce Eagle Eye News episodes and promotional videos.

    Video Production 3

    Video Production 3 continues to develop foundational skills covered in VP1 & 2 as well as develop new skills. VP3 takes us back to the art of movie making! Students will produce a short film as part of a production team. Students will carry specific job functions, from pre-production, production, to post. The completed short films that meet class requirements will be featured at Vistapaloza, Vista's VAPA festival.


    As a CTE pathway, these courses include an emphasis on career readiness and professional development. This includes problem- solving, collaboration, dependability, productivity/time management, organization, and prompt task completion.