Welcome Future Eagles!

  • The Vista Math Department is excited to welcome you to our school.  We have created this Math Department FAQ sheet to help answer any questions you might have about math at Vista. 

  • Attached below is the Vista Del Lago High School Math Course Progression Flowchart.  This flowchart will help you in planning out your mathematics course selections for your 4 years of High School.  Passing 3 courses in bronze earns HS Graduation credit.  Passing at least 1 course in silver earns you CS/UC a-g completion in math, and passing a course in gold (and the AP exam) earns you college-level math credits.  All juniors who have passed IM2 are required to enroll in IM3 before they can take Business Math as a senior.  Business Math, IM3, or Advanced Algebra w/ Financial Applications can be taken to fulfill HS Graduation 3rd year math course requirements.  Math 1 and Math 2 Foundations are optional courses that are taken in the Fall (and followed up with IM1 or IM2 in the Spring) to provide students extra support and review pre-requisite skills required for success in those courses.

    Math Course Offerings Flowchart