Welcome Future Vista Eagles

  • Welcome to the Vista Physical Education FAQ Page. We as a PE staff are excited to have you join us for the 2024-2025 school year. Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you navigate your PE experience. If you have any general PE questions, please email Shawn Hunter at shunter@fcusd.org. Any dance questions, please email Meggan McCall at MMcCall@fcusd.org


    Vista Physical Education Department FAQ

    I am an incoming freshman, what class will I be taking?

    All incoming freshmen will take Fit 1. Fit 1 provides an introduction to proper movement and nutrition. Students will learn and participate in a variety of activities, vigorous physical exercise and develop skills for lifelong health and well-being.

    What supplies do you recommend for Fit 1?

    All students will be able to purchase PE uniforms on the Vista Student Store. We recommend athletic/running shoes as students will be moving, running, squatting etc. throughout the class. 

    How many years of PE do I need to graduate?

    Students must take two courses (equivalent of 2 years) at any point in their high school career. 

    Can I take more PE classes as an elective? 

    Yes, you are welcome to take as many PE classes as you like, as long as you are also taking the required courses to graduate. 

    Can my child take two PE courses in one year?

    As a freshman you must take one PE course your freshman year and one PE course your sophomore year. During your sophomore, Junior or Senior year, you can take more PE classes in consecutive terms for elective credit.

    Can dance count as PE credit?

    Yes, dance can count as one course of PE credit. For more information on how dance can be used for credit, email your counselor.  

    Can I request 4th block PE for early release because of athletics?

    No, we cannot accommodate specific course requests with our impacted campus and schedule. 

    Can I take PE over the summer?

    No, becuase of Vista's 4x4 schedule, we do not offer PE courses in the summer. 

    What classes are available after I take Fit 1?

    Fit 2

    Sunshine Fit 2

    Beginning Dance


    Weight Training

    Advance Conditioning

    More information on class choices will be given during the spring of your freshman year.