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  • Mrs. Baciocco

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Latte- almond milk/sugar free vanilla

    Favorite cold drink: Ice tea/ sparkling waters/ Starbucks double shot

    Favorite dessert/treat: milk chocolate/ caramels/ nothing bunt cakes

    Favorite restaurant: sushi/Land Ocean/ La Fiesta/ Mexican/ La Bou/ Panera

    Favorite Flowers: any

    Favorite store: Nordstrom Rack/Amazon

    Favorite snack: Popcorn

    Favorite color: blue

    Favorite fast food: Chick-fil-a/ In and Out

    Favorite hobby: Reading, walking, games

    What is your birthday: October 14 


    Miss Barajas  

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Peach Tranquility Tea 

    Favorite cold drink: Passion Tea 

    Favorite dessert/treat: Fruit 

    Favorite restaurant: Mikunis, Sutter Street Steak House 

    Favorite store: Amazon 

    Favorite flower: Peruvian Lilies and Orchids 

    Favorite snack: nuts 

    Favorite color: Orange(fall colors) 

    Favorite fast food: La Fiesta, Beach Hut Deli, In n Out 

    Favorite hobby: Gardening and home projects 

    What is your birthday: January 27 


    Mrs. Cann

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Mocha Coffee

    Favorite cold drink: Coke Zero

    Favorite dessert/treat:Gummy Worms or Bears (regular), Werthers Chewy Caramel

    Favorite restaurant:

    Favorite store: Walmart, Amazon

    Favorite flower:

    Favorite snack: Nuts

    Favorite color:

    Favorite fast food: Anything not spicy

    Favorite hobby:

    What is your birthday: Feb 23


    Mrs. Coriano

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: soy mocha with one pump of chocolate

    Favorite cold drink:  La Croix

    Favorite dessert/treat: donuts, muffins

    Favorite restaurant:  Zocalo, La Fiesta, Thai Paradise

    Favorite store: Michael's, Tuesday Morning

    Favorite flower:  Hydrangeas, peonies, succulents!

    Favorite snack:  Chocolate covered almonds or peanuts

    Favorite color:  Blue

    Favorite fast food: Chick-Fil-A

    Favorite hobby: Sewing, crafting, hiking, walking

    What is your birthday: July 16


     Mrs. Ducat

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Americano with cream 

    Favorite cold drink: Any flavor Starbucks refresher or Diet Coke

    Favorite dessert/treat: Brownies, cheesecake

    Favorite restaurant: Tap House or Back Bistro

    Favorite store: Raley's

    Favorite flower: Tulips or calla lilies 

    Favorite snack: Kind bars, fruit, crackers 

    Favorite color: Sea green 

    Favorite fast food: La Fiesta burritos

    Favorite hobby: Paddleboarding, gourmet cooking

    What is your birthday: Jan 19


    Mrs. Fields 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Pumpkin Spice latte or Cappuccino with one Splenda

    Favorite cold drink:  Ice tea

    Favorite dessert/treat: Posh Bagel-Double Choc. Muffin or any muffin or cookie from there. Baker’s Dozen Donuts-Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or crumb cake or raised donut

    Favorite restaurant:  Manderes; Karen’s Bakery

    Favorite store: Sprouts

    Favorite flower: any flower, including succulents and herbs

    Favorite snack:  Wavy’s Potato Chips

    Favorite color: red or blue

    Favorite fast food: Chick-fil-a

    Favorite hobby: Walking; painting; crafting my wine bottle lights

    What is your birthday: April 12 


    Mrs. Hardy

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Coconut Milk Latte 

    Favorite cold drink: GTS Kombucha

    Favorite dessert/treat: Almond Butter Cups (Trader Joes) 

    Favorite restaurant: Mas Taco 

    Favorite store: Home Goods, Target, Amazon

    Favorite flower: Orchid

    Favorite snack: RX Bars, Kombucha, plantain chips

    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite fast food: N/A

    Favorite hobby: Sewing, jewelry making, working out, 

    What is your birthday: November 13


    Mrs. Johnson

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Tuxedo grande with light whip

    Favorite cold drink:

    Favorite dessert/treat: 

    Favorite restaurant: Backs Wine Bar, Mikuni, Jacks

    Favorite store: Target, Nordstrom, Amazon 

    Favorite flower:

    Favorite snack:

    Favorite color:

    Favorite fast food: Chipotle, Jacks

    Favorite hobby: walking

    What is your birthday:  January 6


    Mrs. Krewson

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Soy Chai

    Favorite cold drink: Water 

    Favorite dessert/treat: chocolate cake! 

    Favorite restaurant: Italian, Mexican, anything I don't have to cook or clean up after 😉

    Favorite store: Amazon, Green Acres

    Favorite flower: Orchids! 

    Favorite snack: almonds, dried fruit, cheese

    Favorite color: red

    Favorite fast food: La Fiesta

    Favorite hobby: gardening, hiking, 

    What is your birthday: May 2


    Ms. Lowell 

    Favorite Starbucks drink order: Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream

    Favorite cold drink: Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream

    Favorite dessert/treat: Ice cream, or cookies

    Favorite restaurant: I don’t have a favorite but I love anywhere that has a tasty burger

    Favorite Flowers: Any!

    Favorite store: I love Lululemon, Target

    Favorite snack: Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn (the purple bag)

    Favorite color: Pink

    Favorite fast food: In-N-Out or Chick-Fil-A

    Favorite hobby: I enjoy doing CrossFit, Paddle Boarding, Skiing, and making crafts

    What is your birthday: May 10


    Mrs. Mcneel-Caird

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: caramel macchiato

    Favorite cold drink: black iced tea

    Favorite dessert/treat: anything chocolate 

    Favorite restaurant: Iron Horse

    Favorite store: old navy and target

    Favorite flower: sunflowers 

    Favorite snack: hummus

    Favorite color: blue

    Favorite fast food: Chi-Fil-A, Habit

    Favorite hobby: crafting

    What is your birthday: Feb 3


    Mrs. Neria

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: 2 pump grande mocha

    Favorite cold drink:  tall iced almond milk latte with extra shot, half-caff

    Favorite dessert/treat: trader joes dark chocolate peanut butter cups, Raley's peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate, chocolate croissant, coconut raised glazed donut

    Favorite restaurant: Back Bistro, Sutter Street Steak House, Mexquite, Mimosa House

    Favorite store: Target, Amazon

    Favorite flower: gerber daisies, lilies

    Favorite snack: popcorn, reduced sodium sunflower seeds

    Favorite color: blues and lime green

    Favorite fast food: posh bagels, habit, panda express 

    Favorite hobby: walking, watching movies, reading, 

    What is your birthday: October 7


    Mrs. Ochoa

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: hot mocha 

    Favorite cold drink: mocha frap

    Favorite dessert/treat: chocolate chip cookies

    Favorite restaurant: Mexican food

    Favorite store: target

    Favorite flower: sunflower

    Favorite snack: sunflower seeds/ hot cheetohs

    Favorite color: pink/ purple

    Favorite fast food: in n out & mcdonalds

    Favorite hobby: pictures, hanging out with my babies

    What is your birthday: Oct. 25


    Mrs. Plummer

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Chai tea, almond milk ,cinnamon and nutmeg

    Favorite cold drink:  Chai with almond milk

    Favorite dessert/treat: chocolate

    Favorite restaurant: Sienna

    Favorite store: Home Goods

    Favorite flower: sunflower

    Favorite snack: salted nuts, chocolate covered cherries

    Favorite color: Blue/green

    Favorite fast food: N/A

    Favorite hobby: reading

    What is your birthday: June 1


    Mr. Ramirez

    Favorite Jamba Juice: Orange Dream Machine    

    Favorite cold drink: Mexican Coke

    Favorite dessert/treat: all ;)            

    Favorite restaurant: Mexquite

    Favorite store: Home Depot

    Favorite flower: Lily

    Favorite snack: Chips

    Favorite color: Dark Green/Gray

    Favorite fast food: La Fiesta

    Favorite hobby: Snowboarding/Wood crafting

    What is your birthday: October 25


    Mrs. Reddington

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Nonfat Tuxedo Hot chocolate or the same with peppermint

    Favorite cold drink: Sprite, lemonade 

    Favorite dessert/treat: Crumbl cookie(allergic to walnuts and cinnamon) 

    Favorite restaurant: Buckhorn BBQ, La Fiesta, Rock'N'Fire 

    Favorite store: HomeGoods

    Favorite flower: Gerber Daisy/ tulip

    Favorite snack: chips and salsa, chocolate covered almonds

    Favorite color: pink

    Favorite fast food: Taco bell/ Chick-fil-A

    Favorite hobby: reading/shopping

    What is your birthday: November 9


    Ms. Robles

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: vanilla almond latte or almond mocha

    Favorite cold drink: Strawberry refresher, pink drink with lemonade

    Favorite dessert/treat: Cheese danish, fruit pastry, or dark chocolate

    Favorite restaurant: Mas Taco Bar

    Favorite store: Marshalls

    Favorite flower: Rose

    Favorite snack: Baked Chips ex. Cheetos, Ruffles, Lays or trail mix

    Favorite color: Purple

    Favorite fast food: In-N-Out

    Favorite hobby: Running

    What is your birthday: February 5


    Mrs. Rosefield

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order:  Mocha

    Favorite cold drink:  Nitro Cold Brew with sweet cream

    Favorite dessert/treat:  Brownies or chocolate chip cookies

    Favorite restaurant:  Jack’s Urban Eats or Chipotle

    Favorite store:  Target or TJ Maxx

    Favorite flower:  Stargazer Lily

    Favorite snack:  pita chips and artichoke jalapeno dip

    Favorite color:  Purple and green

    Favorite fast food:  The Habit or In and Out

    Favorite hobby:  sewing/cross stitching or Fairy Garden

    What is your birthday:  October 6


    Mrs. Ross

    Favorite Starbucks order: oat milk latte (iced or hot depending on weather) 

    Favorite cold drink: kombucha, iced tea (unsweetened)

    Favorite dessert: chocolate, brownies, choco chip cookies

    Favorite restaurant: Jacks, la fiesta, out of bounds, Thai paradise 

    Favorite store: target, homegoods, amazon, teachers pay teachers

    Favorite flower: Tulips, hydrangeas, succulents

    Favorite snack:Pretzels and hummus, nuts, fruit, chips 

    Favorite color: Teal & Turquoise 

    Favorite fast food: in-n-out, chipotle

    Favorite hobby: Stand up paddling, Mountain Biking 

    What is your birthday: Oct 21 


    Mrs. Smith

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Grande Chai Tea with NF milk

    Favorite cold drink: Venti Green Iced Tea with NO sweetner

    Favorite dessert/treat: Any gluten free treat

    Favorite restaurant: Jack's Urban or Land Ocean

    Favorite store: Target, Rei

    Favorite flower: Lilies and peonies

    Favorite snack: Popcorn

    Favorite color: Turquoise

    Favorite fast food: In n Out

    Favorite hobby: SUP, mountain biking, golf, anything outdoors/exercise 

    What is your birthday: May 22 


    Ms. Swagerty

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: NF vanilla latte

    Favorite cold drink: iced tea

    Favorite dessert/treat: scone, chocolate chip cookie

    Favorite restaurant: Thai Paradise, Jack's, Dos Coyotes

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower: Succulents

    Favorite snack: Trail mix, salty snacks

    Favorite color: blue, green

    Favorite fast food: turkey sandwich

    Favorite hobby: reading, crafting, hiking

    What is your birthday: April 20


    Mrs. Taverna

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: americano with classic sweetener and 1/2 & 1/2

    Favorite cold drink:  cold brew with dark almond milk foam

    Favorite dessert/treat: doughnut

    Favorite restaurant: any Mexican 

    Favorite store: Nordstrom Rack

    Favorite flower: Daisies

    Favorite snack: Kettle Chips 

    Favorite color: ?

    Favorite fast food: None

    Favorite hobby: Yoga/reading

    What is your birthday: September 10


    Mrs. Wagner 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Vanilla Latte with 2 Splenda ice or hot

    Favorite cold drink: lemonade or diet coke

    Favorite dessert/treat: anything with caramel

    Favorite restaurant: Jack's, Visconti's, Mexquite

    Favorite store: Home Goods, Rod Works, Amazon, Old Navy

    Favorite flower: Sunflowers

    Favorite snack: cheese it's, popcorn

    Favorite color: pink or turquoise

    Favorite fast food: Chipotle, Habit Burger, Chick-Fil-A

    Favorite hobby: horses, making cricut projects, paint projects (AR Workshop stuff)

    What is your birthday: October 25 




    Heather Davis 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order:  To complicated!! LOL!!  Gift Cards.

    Favorite cold drink: Diet Pepsi               

    Favorite dessert/treat: Anything Chocolate!!

    Favorite restaurant:  Any place so long as I don’t need to cook!! 

    Favorite Flowers: Roses

    Favorite store: Amazon, Walmart, Winco. 

    Favorite snack: Potato Chips, Chocolate

    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite fast food: Any place so long as I don’t need to cook.

    Favorite hobby: Netflix!!

    What is your birthday: November 10


    Kathleen Darnell (Preschool Instructional Aide)

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Gift Cards

    Favorite cold drink: Coke            

    Favorite dessert/treat: Chocolate goodies!!

    Favorite restaurant:  Olive Garden and Hacienda 

    Favorite Flowers: Anything!! 

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite snack: Pretzels

    Favorite color: Rose Gold, Blush

    Favorite fast food: Taco Bell

    Favorite hobby: Cats!

    What is your birthday: February 15


    Sarah Pelletier(Preschool Instructional Aide) 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Tall almondmilk hazelnut latte

    Favorite cold drink: Margarita 

    Favorite dessert/treat: Lemon bars 

    Favorite restaurant:  Zocolo 

    Favorite Flowers: Tulips and Peonies 

    Favorite store: Nordstrom 

    Favorite snack: Cheese its 

    Favorite color: Pink

    Favorite fast food: In n out 

    Favorite hobby: All things sun

    What is your birthday: October 1


    Susie Rush(Preschool Instructional Aide) 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: none 

    Favorite cold drink: Hint water

    Favorite dessert/treat: anything chocolate

    Favorite restaurant: Zocalo

    Favorite Flowers: tulips

    Favorite store: Target and Amazon

    Favorite snack: Cheese-It’s

    Favorite color: blue

    Favorite fast food: Taco Bell

    Favorite hobby: bunnies 

    What is your birthday: March 16




    Mrs Himmrich 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: No hot drinks

    Favorite cold drink: Diet Coke

    Favorite dessert/treat: Chocolate & caramel, honestly just about anythingJ

    Favorite restaurant: Bo Urban Eats, Jacks

    Favorite Flowers: Any – love them all!

    Favorite store: Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack

    Favorite snack: Mixed nuts, fruit

    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite fast food: Chipotle, La Bou

    Favorite hobby: Listening to Audible books & walking

    What is your birthday: August 2nd


    Our Office Staff:


    Ms Vicky

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Decaf latte

    Favorite cold drink: Black iced tea with no sweetener

    Favorite dessert/treat: Anything homemade!

    Favorite restaurant:Any!

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower:Any

    Favorite snack:Almonds

    Favorite color:I don’t really have one J I wear a lot of black and gray, but that’s just because it is easy!

    Favorite fast food: La Bou

    Favorite hobby: Hiking, reading magazines

    What is your birthday: September 25


    Ms Tracy

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order:  Skinny Vanilla Latte or Skinny Carmel Latte

    Favorite cold drink:  Root beer or Iced Tea (sweetened)

    Favorite dessert/treat:  Butterfinger, anything with chocolate and peanut butter

    Favorite restaurant:  Sienna, BJ's, Mimosa House

    Favorite store: Target, Amazon

    Favorite flower: All

    Favorite snack:  Nuts

    Favorite color: Green

    Favorite fast food: Chick-Fil-A, Habit or In-N-Out

    Favorite hobby: Beach, hiking, biking, walking

    What is your birthday: June 6


    School Nurse/ Health Aide: 


    Mrs. Valentino

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order:  Soy milk latte

    Favorite cold drink:  Iced tea, iced coffee, Ice Green tea

    Favorite dessert/treat: Chocolate, milky way

    Favorite restaurant: Sushi, Vietnamese, Aji (el dorado hills)

    Favorite store: Athleta, Home Goods

    Favorite flower:  Tulip, Chrysanthemum

    Favorite snack:  Chips (BBQ), cheese/Crackers

    Favorite color: Dark turquoise/Peacock

    Favorite fast food: Subway, Taco Bell

    Favorite hobby: Gardening, Snowboarding, Hiking

    What is your birthday:  June 16


    Mrs. McNamara

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order:  Iced Americano, no sugar or cream

    Favorite cold drink:  Coke Zero/Diet Dr. Pepper

    Favorite dessert/treat: none

    Favorite restaurant: Mikunis

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower:  Tulip

    Favorite snack:  Chips/pretzels

    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite fast food: Taco Bell

    Favorite hobby: Baseball (Red Sox)

    What is your birthday:  November 4


    Support Staff:


    Mrs. Friedrich

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: 2 pump vanilla latte

    Favorite cold drink: water or iced tea

    Favorite dessert/treat: Choc Chip cookies or really anything chocolate 🙂

    Favorite restaurant: Tokyo Sushi, J Wilds, Julians

    Favorite Flowers: sunflowers

    Favorite store: World Market

    Favorite snack: popcorn any flavor

    Favorite color: dark red

    Favorite fast food: del taco

    Favorite hobby: gardening, reading, photography

    What is your birthday: February 13

    Ms. Teri Kimball (speech)

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Hot Matcha Green Tea Latte with Whole Milk

    Favorite cold drink:  Unsweetened Iced Green or Fruit Infused Tea

    Favorite dessert/treat: fresh fruit salad, dark chocolate and caramels of any kind

    Favorite restaurant: La Bou, The Habit, Skipolinis

    Favorite store: Home Goods

    Favorite flower: All

    Favorite snack: Sweet Maui Onion Chips,  BBQ chips

    Favorite color:  White

    Favorite fast food: The Habit:Onion Rings

    Favorite hobby: Home and garden design/decor

    What is your birthday: September 20


    Ms. Sally Menton (speech)

    Favorite Starbucks hot drink order: mocha

    Favorite cold drink: Frappuccino

    Favorite dessert/treat: Ice Cream

    Favorite restaurant: Back Bistro

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower: all of them!

    Favorite snack: fruit

    Favorite color: Green

    Favorite fast food: Chic-fil-A

    Favorite hobby: Gardening/reading

    What is your birthday: April 30


    Ms. Mary Martineau (speech)

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: I don’t usually go to Starbucks…

    Favorite cold drink: ginger ale

    Favorite dessert/treat: dark chocolate

    Favorite restaurant: Friends with Benedicts in EDH (so good!)

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower: Daisies

    Favorite snack: Hard boiled egg (I know… )

    Favorite color: green

    Favorite fast food: I haven’t been to a fast food restaurant in 20years… :0

    Favorite hobby: gardening

    What is your birthday: July 26


    Kimberly Ryan (Instructional Aide)

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Non fat latte

    Favorite cold drink: Iced peach green tea lemonade

    Favorite dessert/treat: muffins

    Favorite restaurant: Panera/LA Bou/Sellands

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower: Gerber daisies

    Favorite snack: Pistachios

    Favorite color: orange

    Favorite fast food: Rubios

    Favorite hobby: Reading, walking my dog

    What is your birthday: 12/29


    Brandy Clinton (Special Ed. Instructional Aide)

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Nonfat Hot Chocolate NO whip cream

    Favorite cold drink:  Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Vitawater

    Favorite dessert/treat: Any breakfast goodies – muffins, scones, croissants, and any chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joes

    Favorite restaurant:  Buckhorn, Dos Coyotes, La Bou, Salsas, Manderas, Samuel Horns, too many!

    Favorite store: Trader Joes, Trendy Trailer, Loft, Ulta

    Favorite flower:  any

    Favorite snack:  dried fruit, trail mixes, cheese/crackers, fruit

    Favorite color: greyish blue

    Favorite fast food: Chic-fil-a, Salsas, Beach Hut Deli

    Favorite hobby: Hiking, Canoeing, Reading

    What is your birthday: October 19th


    Student Care:


    Ms Daniella Shadd 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: blonde vanilla Latte hot or iced

    Favorite cold drink: Coca-cola

    Favorite dessert/treat: Rice Krispy treats

    Favorite restaurant: anything mexican

    Favorite store: TJ Maxx

    Favorite flower: Sunflower

    Favorite snack: cheese and crackers or flaming hot cheetos

    Favorite color: purple

    Favorite fast food: chick-fil-a

    Favorite hobby: Reading

    What is your birthday: October 29


    Ms Kewpie 

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Frappuccino 

    Favorite cold drink: Sparkling Ice Lemonade 

    Favorite dessert/treat: Dark Chocolate 

    Favorite restaurant: Karen's Bakery 

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower: Most perennials 

    Favorite snack: Nuts 

    Favorite color: Red

    Favorite fast food: Habit Burger 

    Favorite hobby: Gardening 

    What is your birthday: May 5


    Ms Misty Spaeth

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Iced Caramel Macchiato 

    Favorite cold drink: Ice Tea

    Favorite dessert/treat: Whatchamacallit

    Favorite restaurant: Applebees

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower: Hydrangea

    Favorite snack: Trail Mix

    Favorite color: Dark Green

    Favorite fast food: Hamburgers

    Favorite hobby: Arts and Crafts

    What is your birthday: February 2


    Ms Smita Sinha

    Favorite Starbucks/hot drink order: Caffe latte

    Favorite cold drink: iced caramel latte

    Favorite dessert/treat: Tiramisu

    Favorite restaurant: Fats Bistro

    Favorite store: Target

    Favorite flower: Rose

    Favorite snack: Lays chips

    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite fast food: Chicken Sandwich (chick-fill-a)

    Favorite hobby: Gardening

    What is your birthday: May 21