• UPDATE: Message to FCUSD Community: October 30

    Dear FCUSD Community,

    We had previously announced that the transition to Elementary Hybrid Model for in-person learning, or for participating in the Virtual Academy, would take place on November 9. We have modified the schedule that week to accommodate logistical transitions needed to take place.

    First day for Elementary Hybrid Model in-person learning is Thursday, November 12 

    The schedule for the week for Elementary students will be as follows:

    Monday, November 9, and Tuesday, November 10:  Teachers will use these two days to set up classrooms and materials for Hybrid in-person instruction. Students who are in the Hybrid Model will participate in asynchronous work on these two days, after a synchronous morning meeting with the whole group. 

    Monday, November 9: Virtual Academy will begin. 

    Wednesday, November 11: Non-student day in honor of Veterans Day. All schools and the ESC will be closed.

    Thursday, November 12: First day of in-person hybrid instruction.  

    MOST Parents / Guardians can expect to know of their student’s assignment by end of day, October 30. A handful of finalizations, tied to transportation, and staffing are still being determined. School sites are working as quickly as possible to complete every student assignment and appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. If you have questions, or need further information, please contact your school office. A list of school phone numbers and contact information can be found at:


    All Parent / Teacher Conferences will be moved to March 2021:

    Schools and teachers will be in direct contact with families to provide scheduling information in the upcoming weeks for scheduling Parent / Teacher Conferences.

    Special Education Students:  

    Beginning November 12, all in-person Elementary students with IEPs will be transitioning from the Small Cohort Model currently in place to the Elementary Hybrid Model AM/PM schedule. As always, if you have questions, please contact your teacher or principal.

    End of trimester Nov. 6th: Schedule change for the day

    November 6th, on our traditional Elementary school calendar, is listed as a Super Minimum Day. It is recommended that this day be utilized to have a morning synchronous meeting, and then asynchronous for the remainder of the day to allow for report card preparation.

    Audio Visual Support in the Classroom

    We are preparing to equip our Middle School and High School classrooms with AV equipment, which will allow students and teachers to remotely access instruction. The goal for this classroom retrofit is to reduce disruption in student schedules and to increase the ability for students to maintain their current teachers, whether attending in-person or virtually. 

    We want to be clear. There is not an expectation that teachers will be on camera 100% of the time, and those who are uncomfortable with the idea of being on camera while teaching in-person, can opt-out of putting themselves on camera and focus the camera on the instructional content instead. 

    What we do anticipate is the flexibility and features of advanced AV equipment, allowing screen sharing of smart boards, Promethean boards, active demonstrations, and other opportunities for visual instruction. The camera is an instructional tool, like any other, and each individual teacher will decide if, when, and how it will be used to help move instruction and student learning forward. 

    HVAC systems: Independent, third party inspection

     In order to provide added assurance for the cleanliness and sanitization retrofits done to our HVAC systems, we are obtaining a report from a third party mechanical contractor and mechanical controls company to certify the following will be completed on HVAC units:

    • HVAC units have been inspected, cleaned, and disinfected
    • Merv 13 filters or comparable filter have been installed
    • Constant outside air is operating at the maximum air exchange rate as safety permits and not to sacrifice comfort

    Completion of the inspection will be done prior to students returning for in-person instruction.