Upper Body Strength With a Partner

  • Upper Body Activities

    All Activities in Pushup Positions

    1. Cup Stacking- Stack one at a time in 3-6-3 for grades 2-5 . stack of 3 for K-1. You can use  any type of plastic or paper cups. Try using soda cans. 
    2. Beanbag Hockey- Throw bean bags between arms for a goal. Try using any ball or object that is soft . Try using a piece of paper and scrunch it up and make it like a ball 
    3.  Bean bag toss. – One partner is behind you and he/she tosses beanbag over your head to their partner. Your partner circles around to the front of you and places beanbag in front of you. Switch arms with each toss and sides for each runner. Use the same strategy as beanbag hockey to play . Or add a towel. 
    4. Hula hoop-  Lift up legs and arms while your partner moves the hula hoop through your body.
    5. Plank and pushup stance- time one minute at a time for them to keep their body up in a pushup position. Try longer if it is to easy
    6. Pushup War-  Play War with cards . Each student has half the deck . Cards are face down . You face each other in push-up position. Each student picks up one card at a time . The person with the highest card wins. 
    7. Sit-up war . Same as push-up war but you do a sit-up each time you pick up a card.