Upper Body Strength

  • Upper Body Strength


    Pushup: 1. Lie on floor and fingers forward. Face down with palms flat on floor. 

                  2. Extends elbows by pushing body up. Balance on toes . Straight line from neck to ankles. Keep back straight. 

                  3. Lower body slowly. Lower and make an L with your elbow or within 3 inches of floor. 

                  4. Push back up and repeat . Do as many as you can in correct form. 


                  Common errors: Bending at the waist with knees on ground 

                                              Failing to bend elbows enough

                                              Not keeping back straight 


    Pushup Plank: 1. Keep body up in Push up form with back straight as long as you can. Try going as long as 1 minute. 


    Elbow Plank: Like a Pushup plank but you are on your elbows. Keep your back straight as long as you can.  Try going as long as a minute. 


    Shoulder Taps: While in Pushup Plank form, touch your opposite shoulder. Try tapping 10-20 times on opposite shoulders. 


    Inchworm:  1.Stand up and find space so you can get into Pushup position.

                        2. lay your palms flat on ground in front of you

                        3. Inch up by moving your right and left palms forward 2-4 inches at a time until you get into Pushup position.

                        4. Do one pushup once you reach your pushup position form.

                        5. Inch back about 6-8 inches until you are standing up again

                        6. Repeat the inchworm.. Try doing around 10 inchworms.