Abdominal Curls

  • Abdominal Strength


    Abdominal Curls:  1. Lie on Back , Feet Flat, Arms Across Chest( hands on opposite shoulders) 

                                  2. Curl Up , Elbow to Thighs , Lift head and shoulders until elbows touch thighs

                                  3. Lower : lower shoulders to mat or ground

                                  4. Repeat until you get tired


    Abdominal Crunches: 1. Lie on Back , Arms Crossed(hands on opposite shoulders) 

                                        2. Feet are up from ground with knees bent, you can cross your feet for more of a challenge

                                        3. Curl Up with head and shoulders to knees, hold for one second, lower shoulders to mat

                                        4. Repeat until you get tired


    Abdominal Rotation: 1. Lie on Back, Feet Flat, Palms on Thighs 

                                       2. Curl Up , Twist Elbow to Thigh 

                                       3. Lower Slowly to Mat , rotate to other side 

                                       4. Repeat until you get tired


    Plank:                         1. Get in Pushup position ( hands by shoulders, body off the ground) 

                                        2. Hold for 1 minute or longer