• Let's Clap and Stomp!
    Let's continue moving our bodies with clapping and stomping. Again, let's get to it!
    Kindergarten-1st Grade The Walking, Hopping Song  (1:49) (Hopping is on 1 foot. Jumping is on 2 feet.)
    Kindergarten-1st Grade Dinosaur Stomp  (2:13)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade Clap, Rest, Clap Activity  (1:20) (To add more movement to this, jump when you clap, squat when you rest.)
    Kindergarten-3rd Grade Bim Bum, A Clapping Game Song  (4:07) (This song does have snapping in it. Just make the snap motion if you haven't mastered snapping yet. Just keep practicing your snap, and eventually you'll get it!)
    Kindergarten-3rd Grade Welcome to My Gym  (3:37)
    Kindergarten-5th Grade Dinosaur Stomp  (3:38) (This one has gigantic claps and stomping.)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade VS Exercises (Flippers and Hand Claps)  (2:55)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade VS Exercises (Chair Run and Hovers)  (2:44) (Stomp your feet while you run!)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade Sumo Stomps (:35) (Do 10-20 sumo stomps to strengthen your lower body muscles.)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade Kids Workout 6  (21:03) (You did part 1 of this workout back in September. Now let's do a different sequence with the same instructor. Feel free to break this workout up into pieces if you need to. There's some opportunities to clap and stomp from time to time.)