• Let's Clap It Up!
    We are going to move by clapping and using specific body parts. Let's get to it!
    Kindergarten-1st Grade Clap Your Hands  (1:48)
    Kindergarten-1st Grade If You're Happy and You Know It  (2:50)
    Kindergarten-1st Grade The Clap It Kids Yoga Song  (2:22)
    Kindergarten-5th Grade The Bouncer  (2:26, written lesson) (Try this one with the music in the video, then play your own favorite song, Time it out, and do it again and again. Can you complete the entire song without missing or mistaking any body parts?)
    Kindergarten-5th Grade Who's Ready?  (3:50, written lesson)
    Kindergarten-5th Grade Clap It Out  (4:21)
    4th Grade and 5th Grade Hand Clap Workout Mix  (3:05) There are a lot of jumps in this workout. Feel free to just do the footwork and arm movements minus the jumps.