CHS Lancers

Yearbook 21-22 - Theme TBA!

  • Welcome to Yearbook!

    This year's class will be very different since we are on campus....the biggest change is that we will be able to focus on developing our teams and building skills in collaborative ways.  Our yearbook staff will have the amazing responsibility and honor of preserving this living-history for every student at Cordova High - this book will be one that everyone will want to have and hold onto in the future because this year represents turning a new leaf for EVERYONE.

    Our class will spend time exploring our strengths and skills - then divide into 4 distinct teams: writing, photography, design, and editing.  Students will develop skills across all 4 areas, but will have a primary and secondary focus when working on projects in yearbook.  We will learn copy skills, editing skills, layout and design skills, journalism vocabulary, and work with a high level of communication in order to complete deadlines for our project.  This class works at a fast pace (although there is downtime between deadlines, too!), and will require hands-on dedication in order to accomplish excellence as a team!

    Students will utilize the Layout Pro software found in Josten's "Yearbook Avenue" online production suite.  This will provide the backbone and structure of our yearbook, as well as endless template and design options that students can access to grow in their visual organization skills.  We will also learn how to use an online photo/content sharing program that will help students and staff across our campus provide a window into their CHS student experience.

    I'm so glad to be working with your talented and commited students - this is going to be an unforgettable ride, and I very much look forward to the wonderful book we will produce at the end of this year!