• Hello Families,

    Now more than ever it is so important for your child to have books in the home. I will share a Scholastic book order each month. I will have the due date around the first week of the month. You can place an order at any time but orders will not submit until the order due date. It typically takes about 1 week for Scholastic to get the order in the mail and then about 1 more week to arrive (sometimes it takes a little less). 


    Next book order Due Date: Friday, August 13th

    *I will do an order at the beginning of each month*

    Connect to Our Class Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/NN2RW

    Shop the flyers with your child: https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=667327

    Thank you for encouraging the love of reading!

    PS: Feel free to forward the class page link to extended family who may want to support your child's reading.

    Class Code: NN2RW