• Here's all the information from our live Teams and Zoom meetings so that you can do the activities again at home!
    Hot Spot Fitness
    Crab Kicks
    Jumping Jacks
    BOO! Bicycles
    Jack-O-Lantern Jumping Jacks
    Rrrrrr Run in Place
    Scary Squats
    Skeleton Scissor Kicks
    Spider Sit and Reach
    Trick or Treat Toe Touches
    Burpees (To keep you warm.)
    Chilly Lunge and Chop (Chop up your frosty breath.)
    Fall Frog Jumps
    Harvest Heel Digs (Mash up your harvest so you can make something to eat.)
    Ice Breakers (To make a snow cone.)
    Ice Skaters
    Leafy Long Jump (Jump into the leaf piles that you raked.)
    Squat Kicks (To get your legs ready for skiing and snowboarding.)
    Story Time
    I read The Yoga Dragon by Jim Herman to the kindergarteners and 1st graders last week. We were able to enjoy the story while doing yoga poses at the same time. On that note, here's another cute story with great advice. Enjoy!
    Stuffed Animal Friend Workout
    Exercising with a stuffed animal friend is a great way to stay happy and smile! A stuffed animal friend can make you feel relaxed when you're stressed or worried. It can also motivate you to exercise or do your chores when you don't feel like it. So grab your stuffed animal friend and get moving!
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade Fun Workout with Stuffed Animals  (8:30)
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade Fitness with a Stuffed Animal  (7:54)
    3rd Grade-5th Grade Stuffed Animal Workout, P.E. Gym at Home  (11:29)
    All Grades Stuffed Animal Partner Workout  (6:47)
    Iconic Dance Moves
    Here are some iconic dance moves that everyone should attempt at least once. These legendary moves have made a global and generational impact, leaving everyone wanting to dance. Click on the dances to see them. E-mail me if you have a dance you want me to add!
    The NKOTB Dance (The New Kids on the Block Dance)
    Brain Gym
    All of these movements stimulate your brain while working your body. They stimulate the senses and link up the brain. Crossing the center of the body with the right and left extremities is known as crossing the midline. It is very beneficial.
    Cross Crawl
    Brain Buttons
    Pac Man Hands
    Finger Push-ups
    Body Hug
    Animal Walks
    Animal walks are a great way to take a break from your class work. You move your body in many different ways, and you can add sounds to be silly and smile.
    Feelings Check
    How are you feeling today? Express it through your exercise.
    How do you wish you were feeling today? Show it through your body movements.
    Move any way you want for a third time. Have are you feeling now? (Hopefully alert and happy.)