Back to School Night!

  • Good Mathternoon parents!

    I’ve posted my back to school night video on my website, as well as the information on how to join my live Q and A on Wednesday evening. But, just to make it easy, I’m copying that information here:


    Here’s my video! That should help you know a bit about me and my classroom:



    Here’s the link to the “Live” back to school night question and answer session. Please drop by during the scheduled time if you have questions and I’ll be happy to answer them! You can use a phone, but it may prompt you to download the teams app.

    Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


    Here’s the links I mentioned in the video:

    1. Folsom High School’s Math Course Sequence:
    2. KhanAcademy: A free online curriculum for math (and other subjects), including video lessons and practice problems with immediate feedback:
    3. Information about “Growth vs. Fixed Mindset” – Here’s a resource with several excellent articles, videos, and information, which we looked at in class:


    Thank you! I look forward to helping your children with Math this year!

    -Kevin Cassidy

    Math Course 3 and IM1 Teacher

    WEB coordinator

    Sutter Middle School



WEB Advisory Info for Parents

  • Hello WEB Parents! 

    Your children are in the WEB advisory program here at Sutter. Thank you for having them support our school. I forgot to include anything about WEB above, so just wanted to put a quick note or two here.

    WEB is a program to support new middle school students in 6th grade by giving them a "big brother/sister" 8th grader to help them be successful and feel connected to their peers and school. In this environment, WEB is more important then ever. 

    Right now, there are two advisories of WEB leaders (my advisory and Ms. Duerre's), and we have spent the last two weeks doing some games on Microsoft teams to help our members get to know each other. Towards the end of the next week, we'll begin "Leader Training," which will be focused on teaching them how to lead games online through zoom (hopefully) with a small group of sixth graders. We will cover the tools to be successful in presenting themselves, explaining activities, and interacting with students. 

    Then, throughout the year, they'll meet online with their sixth grade buddies to lead activities and also answer questions that students want to know, like how to get help in their classes and what to do if they are upset with a friend. 

    So, thank you for your children! They are the core of the program, and I think, even online, they'll enjoy being part of setting the tone of our school.

    -Mr. Cassidy

    WEB Coordinator