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    • DLP= Distance Learning Present

      DLA= Distance Learning Abscent

      IPV= Ill Parent verified (parents are allowed 10 per school year)

      UNX=Unexcused absence (absence older than 3 days and was not excused by parent or medical note)

      UNV= Unverified absence. (a recent absence that was not excused)

      LTE= Late (less than 30 minutes)

      TDY = Tardy  (late over 30 minutes)

      OFC= Office 

      JPS = Justified Personal  (funeral, court)

      ACT =  School sanctioned activity

      CLS = In-house suspension  (single class suspended to the in-house suspension room)

      IMV= Ill medically verified (doctor note)

      DLT= Double late (late to class on a block day that is a class interrupted by a lunch, then student ALSO returns from lunch with a late)

      EED= Excused early dismissal (ill or medical appt)

      UED= Unexcused early dismissal (has exceeded allowable absences, or is leaving on a non medical appointment)

      CUT= Ditched class

      IHI= Independent Study Incomplete

      IHC= Independent Study Complete

      ETD= Excused Tardy

      MHS= Health Services

      MKU= Attendance made up by doing a Saturday School