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      Did you receive a Truancy Letter?a

      *  First truancy letter - Your student has been marked absent on 3 or more occasions. In high school with multiple classes, this can mean they have been marked in a single class or the full day.  Schools are required by California law to notify the parents when 3 or more unexcused absences occur.


      *  Second truancy letter - Student has been marked absent on 8 or more occasions


      *  Third truancy letter - Student has been marked absent 11 or more times.  You will be required to attend a mandatory meeting that is scheduled at a future date.

      NOTE: Contact the Assistant principal's office regarding your upcoming SART meeting if you have any questions. The meeting will be held in the Cafeteria. This is a mandatory meeting for you and your student.  There will be interpreters available if requested in advance.

    • How to avoid a truancy. . .


      • Excuse all absences with a parent phone call or email or a note
      • If there is an error in your attendance and you received a call home saying you were marked absent, come see the attendance clerk immediately

      • Remember you only allowed 10 absences each school year.  Always get a doctor note as those will not count against your 10 allowable absences

      • Always attend school