• For the week of 9-14



    We will be focusing on Locomotor Movements for the next couple weeks.  Locomotor Movements are different ways to move through the space around us.

    It is important to make sure that you have enough room to move around without bumping into things.  This is called personal space.  But before we get started, we need to Warm-Up!  Each lesson should begin with a quick warm-up activity to get our muscles warmed up and blood flowing.  

    WARM-UP:  Click on the link below.  This week's warm-up is a little dance video to follow along!  If you prefer you can do the exercises on the fitness chart on my welcome page.



    Locomotor skills are the basic ways to move, the building blocks of coordination. Help your child practice these important skills: walking, galloping, jumping, hopping, side-sliding, leaping and skipping. Start gradually with walking (the easiest) and steadily advance to skipping (the most difficult).  This activity is meant to be done consecutive days.  After the first time, you can have them move in patterns and shapes using the skill.

    • Walking: Use smooth, straight steps with arms swinging gently in opposition of feet. Practice different kinds of walks: low with bent legs, high on tippy toes, fast like a robot, or slow like moving through honey.
    • Galloping: One foot is the leader, and the other foot follows behind. Don’t forget to do both sides!
    • Jumping: With two feet close together, push off with both feet and land on both feet. Can you make the landing quiet? How high can you jump? How many times in a row? This is a good time to try jumping rope.
    • Hopping: With one foot on the ground, push with toes. How fast can you hop? How slowly? Is one side harder than the other?
    • Side-sliding (also call shuffling): Move sideways with one foot leading (a sideways gallop). Have your kid spread his or her arms wide and get some air in the middle of the slide.
    • Leaping: Go over an object leading with one foot and landing on the other.
    • Skipping: March with knees high; each time one knee is in the air, hop on the other foot — step/hop, step/hop, step/hop.

    Skipping is the trickiest to learn, so here is a short helpful video https://safeyoutube.net/w/vkOS

    I would like you to practice all 8 of these locomotor movements.  Most are pretty easy, and some might be a little more difficult.  You will be able to do most of these movements inside, but it might be helpful to go outside where you have more room.

    Cool Down:

    Now that we have finished our lesson and practiced all of the Locomotor Movements, let's quiet our bodies with some simple deep breathing.  Find a comfortable spot to sit (on the floor, criss cross applesauce) and watch this short video.


    Remember to find activities you like to do to keep you active every day.