Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Munday

Teaching Philosophy 

Students will discover their own identities through an exploration of art that encourages self-awareness and personal narratives. Students will have a better understanding of themselves and what motivates them in their everyday lives. This will be achieved by creating a curriculum that is designed around individual student needs which can change and develop with a sequential curriculum. The students will have a cohesive understanding of the elements of art and principals of design so that they can use their knowledge to convey a sense of identity through their works. As an educator, I will create opportunities for the students to explore a variety of artists and artworks that will inspire their art now and in the future. I will create projects that encourage creativity and independence so that a student will use their own motivations and inspirations to create work that is uniquely individual. Identity is an important subject when discussing art because artists put a little bit of themselves in each art piece they create, without knowing personal identity it is difficult to create interesting art that is personal to the artist. My goal as an educator is to inspire students to be the best version of themselves, to believe in themselves and to understand themselves. When I was in school I had a teacher that changed my entire life by helping me understand that I learned differently than other students but that I am just a bright as they are. I understood that about myself and found comfort in knowing that I had my own way and all students are not the same. This is what drives me to be a teacher, that in hopes of inspiring a student to find their own way to be successful by having a clear understanding of themselves.  I will grow as an educator by finding new ways to encourage identity exploration within my students and find ways to keep them inspired and excited to learn about art.   



Sacramento State University 2018 -Masters in Art Education 

Sacramento State University 2019 - Single Subject Art Teaching Credential