• K-6 Roadway Skills ! 

    Objective :To give and receive trust.

    Equipment: None.

    Area: Large open area

    Number of Players: Unlimited but only you and a partner will drive each other in a very safe manner.

    All players are standing on the same side of the square, One partner stands behind the other. Front partner is the "car" who places his or her hands at their sides and closes their eyes. Back partner is the "driver" who places their hands on the partner's shoulders. On “go," they walk across to the opposite side of the square. The "driver" guides the car safely (without bumping any others) by gently turning the partner's shoulders in the direction in which he or she must go to avoid a collision. Once across, partners change positions, Hint: Discuss the concept of giving and receiving trust before playing the game. Stress the importance of avoiding collisions. Variation: Have the players drive their cars around any open area.


    Truck and Trailer Skills 

    Obiective: To give and receive trust

    Equipment: None

    Area: Large open area

    Number of Plavers: Unlimited, 4-6 in a group to start ,could be unlimited but in this pandemic time we are working on social distancing. No more than 3-4 players that you see everyday. 

    This activity is very similar to the game Roadway, in which players take turns giving and receiving trust. Players stand in a line of 4 to 6, placing their hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them. On signal, the first person in line (Truck) keeps their eyes open while the remaining players close their eyes. The truck moves around the large open area, avoiding collisions with other trucks and trailers. When a specific amount of time has passed (30 seconds), have the “Truck" become a trailer and have a new "Truck" open their eyes and continue the activity. Continue until each player has had a chance to drive. Music really enhances this activity and should be used as a start and stop signal. *Look at every path closely and deliberately, Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself, and yourself alone the question... Does this path have a heart?