Distance Learning Expectations


    Please note: no one is allowed to download class recordings or screenshot without the permission of the teacher and the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. CA Ed. Code 51512

    All comments, messages, discussions, video, and audio activity in our class are expected to follow these guidelines:

    1. Use appropriate language. This is a professional learning environment and we must treat it as such, so please use school-appropriate language.
    2. Be aware of and help others. We need to support each other in this challenging time. Please be aware of your own behavior in order to keep yourself and others safe online. Be helpful and supportive of your classmates in a discreet manner if you notice them struggling.
    3. Respect everyone. Communicate with and treat your classmates as you would like to be treated. Be calm, constructive, and kind when responding to others.
    4. Be kind! Listen, and wait your turn. Listen politely, raise your (virtual) hand, and wait your turn before speaking so that everyone is given the opportunity to be heard.
    5. Remember—Please make sure your online behavior reflects the way you would conduct yourself in the classroom and is appropriate, respectful, and supportive.




    Arrive on time for the meeting.

    Please turn and keep your video on. If for some reason you prefer not to turn on your video, please let me know!

    Sit in a quiet spot with limited distractions. Others will be distracted if you play music or watch TV. (Ms. Turner has been known to play music during appropriate times…..I hope you like country!).

    Make sure family members know not to interrupt you.

    Dress appropriately! PJs are okay.

    Raise your virtual hand to speak.

    Be kind and respectful at all times. Try not to eat during our meetings—you’re going to make people hungry! And Takis and corn nuts make a really loud crunching sound!

    Participate in our learning community.

    Stay in one spot during the meeting, don’t walk around. You’ll make people dizzy!

     SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: Live video class meetings are the opportunity for teachers and students to develop a unique learning community. Feel free to help your child with any technical difficulties that may arise. Please email me if you have any questions. Thank you!