• English 6 Syllabus Conte/2021-2022

    Sutter Middle School



    Welcome to Sutter Middle School!!  English grade six course meets the California Common Core Standards in reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions, and in listening and speaking.  The curriculum for English 6 is Studysync ELA materials, as well as supplemental novels.  


    Reading Component

    This component emphasizes purposeful reading and the analysis of the written word, e.g. story elements, literary terms/academic vocabulary.  Students will analyze, identify, define, synthesize, explain and critique fictional and nonfictional text, support their assertions in well-organized written and oral presentations, small group and classroom discussions.  Students will read from a variety of genres.  Novels will be read outside of the classroom and used to support the development of comprehension, critical thinking skills, as well as vocabulary development and response writing.    


    Writing Component

    Students will explore the purposes, conventions, and techniques that can be used in written expression.  They will create writing pieces that collaborate with current reading selections to practice writing in a variety of forms and for specific audiences.  Students will become skilled at working through the writing process independently and elaborate on their ideas at a higher level writing, in several different genres.



    There will be a learning curve for most students as they get accustomed to their new curriculum, (adopted 2016-2017 school year).  The questions are not merely recall questions, but they require a deeper analysis of the text.  Students will be given a consumable workbook to use for each of the four units.  They will also be given online access to the material and many assignments will be done online.  Feel free to peruse the new curriculum when your child comes home with the login information.


    English Composition Notebook (May look different this year due to Covid readjustments)

    All students are expected to have a composition notebook dedicated just for English.  In class work will be done in their notebook and instructions for various assignments and projects will be written in their notebook as well.  Notebooks will be collected and graded throughout the year.  Work from other classes should not be in this notebook.  



    Late work is only accepted one week past the original due date.  Points will be deducted due to late turn-in.  Students are expected to complete homework assignments as directed and on time.  


    In the case of a student absence, as per Parent/Student Handbook, two days will be given for each absent day to make up the assignment for full credit.  If a student is present on the day an assignment is given, but absent on the due date, the student is expected to turn in the assignment on the day of their return to school.  For long-term projects, if a student is absent for any time during the assigned due dates, the original due date is still the same.  When turning in absent work, the student must write ABSENT at the top of their paper.  Make-up tests need to be arranged by the student upon their return.  Advisory is the best time to schedule and make up a test.


    Grades generated in English 6 will be standards based.  Formative and summative assessments will be given to assess student growth and learning.  Extra credit will not be assigned for this class.  Grades are calculated by total points earned, rather than being weighed. Please make sure to log on to PowerSchool and check your child’s grades.  This is a very important tool to keep updated as to how your child is doing academically.


    Homework will be charted on the whiteboard as well as on my teacher website.  (Please check my website weekly to stay informed of your child’s homework/project assignments.) Students are required to have their agendas filled out daily.  Additional homework may be added from time to time.  All homework is due at the beginning of the class period, unless otherwise stated.  It is the responsibility of the student to check the website for assignments and get the handouts for the days they are absent.  Homework is formative and will be monitored.  Not all homework will be entered as grades in Powerteacher.  Some homework will be marked as ‘collected’.  Homework is practice and part of the learning process.

    Classroom Rules


    Be on time, seated and prepared when the bell rings

    Be responsible

    Be on task

    Be respectful

    Be kind

    *No food, drink or gum - (water okay)

    *Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

    *Respect school property