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    Ms. Reeve

    English 4, Period ____

     Notebook Table of Contents (Click on this link for directions on how to set up your notebook)

    Use the following list to help you organize your notebook. The numbered items should be written EXACTLY as you see it here in your Table of Contents. The lettered items are descriptions to better help you remember what we did and what should be in that section of the notebook. Don’t forget to include a page number on your Table of Contents where these items can be found (Please note I will NOT have page numbers here in order to not confuse anyone). I will continue to update this list each week and repost it to my website. Due dates for notebook checks will be announced several days prior to turning in the notebook. As we continue online, you will be asked to show video or photos of your work so it is imperative to stay updated with the daily assignments.


    1. Intro to Narrative Writing
      1. Place your notes here from Aug 27-28 on the Narrative Presentation I gave in class.
    2. In Search of Beowulf by Michael Woods
      1. Print out the handout or just take notes on the elements by question #. 
    3. The Hero's Journey, Pear Deck