• Response to community emails:

    August 24, 2020

    Thank you very much for your email. Your courage, advocacy, and determined commitment for change is inspiring.

    I and my team have received so many emails from students, parents and community members like you, I want to make sure each sender is able to see my response. So in addition to this email, I will be posting this statement on our District website so it can be viewed by all. I feel it is that important.

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District opposes racism. District leaders also know our system is not perfect and there is much work to be done to meet this moment in history. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to build a better school system, and I believe the right group of individuals are currently in place to help make it happen.  In order to make viable and lasting change, that is systemic and sustainable, we have made a commitment, that is multi-pronged and actively ongoing. The late civil rights leader, John Lewis wrote "once you have made a commitment to work for change… Know that this transformation will not happen right away. Change often takes time. It rarely happens all at once.” As we continue to identify and implement systems for change, I ask for your patience and your commitment to accountability.

    We are currently working to:

    • Implement an Equity Taskforce that includes students, staff, and community members to provide feedback and input on issues of equity. Topics will include:
      • SRO Contract
      • Site and District Equity Goals
      • Curriculum adoption
    • Adopting an Equity and Diversity Board Policy
    • Provide needed Professional Development to teachers in
      • Implicit Bias
      • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching
      • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

    If taken in isolation, these steps do not equate to the change we are all looking to happen, however collectively, these steps do provide the frame and venue for which systemic and sustainable opposition to racism can take place. Over the next few weeks, I will share more about these steps and welcome your participation to get involved.


    Sarah Koligian, Ed.D.


    June 2, 2020

    Dear FCUSD Community:

    If you are like me, you may be feeling both saddened and angered by the recent and very public death of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd’s death was preventable. His death also illustrates that racism is deeply ingrained into many aspects of our culture and systems. While this is the story of current headlines, there are also many unreported injustices experienced by African-Americans every day. 

    It is my hope and prayer that real change will result and will be brought about through peaceful demonstration, civic participation, and engagement. If that is to occur, we each have a role to play in standing up to acts of injustice, both big and small, and engaging in the hard conversations to build greater understanding and acceptance. Even when we don’t know what to say and we don’t have the answers, we must invite our children to talk and ask questions to build better awareness and understanding about the complexities of race and racism.  Otherwise, silence can be perceived as complicity. 

    Folsom Cordova has started the work around equity and building the social-emotional well-being of our students and staff. However, we realize there is more work to be done.  I hope you will join us in being a part of the solution by having open conversations with your student about how we can all stand up for what is right. 


    Sarah Koligian, Ed.D.