• Juggling Unit


    Day 1- Scarves/Plastic Shopping Bags, “Complete Juggler” book


    1. Why juggle?- Lifetime skill, Cross-brain activity, Possible job opportunities, Fun, Fitness
    2. Cross-brain explanation, cross-brain tests (rub head/pat stomach, circle one foot in the air while writing your name with the opposite hand in the air, etc.)
    3. Cross-brain activities
    1. Cross brained directions (Front, Back, Right, Left)
    2. Finger point/gun switch
    3. Criss-cross ear/nose then thigh switch
    4. Cross body touch- ear, shoulder, hip, knee, foot (standing, crab

            position, push-up position)

    1. Scarf Juggling progression
      1. One scarf- claw catch, right only, left only, throw/clap/catch,             throw/spin catch, right to left/left to right
      2. Two scarf- throw/throw/catch/catch, scarves switch hands through the air, the one that you throw first you catch first in the opposite hand, teacher rhythm…throw/throw/catch/catch 
      3. Three scarf- Begin with the hand that has two, timing is…throw, and throw, and throw, then continue R, L, R, L, R, L, etc.


    Day 2 – Scarves, Tennis Balls, Juggling Beanbags, “Complete Juggler” book


    1. Scarf juggling warm-up- How many in a row contest.
    2. Scarf juggling tricks- Columns (milk the cow, side by side), fancy starts (under a leg, behind the back, face blow, foot, spineroogy, throw three/catch two/juggle, etc.), reverse cascade, foot catch, head catch, two in one hand, floor/foot pick-up, etc.
    3. Object/Ball/Beanbag progression
      1. One ball- right hand toss/catch, left hand toss/catch, right to left toss/catch (remember…smooth, egg catch, eyes up, just over head height for the throw), palms up, soft hands, open palm
      2. Two ball- throw/throw/catch/catch, both balls at the same height, balls switch hands through the air, throw and throw
      3. Three ball- Begin with the hand that has two objects, throw and throw and throw, relax, open hands, eyes up, slowly, just over head height.


    Day 3 – Scarves, Tennis Balls, Juggling Beanbags, Basketballs, Stompers


    1. Three ball juggling practice
    2. Juggling contest…how many in a row?
    3. Three ball tricks- Columns (milk the cow), reverse cascade, two in one hand, fancy starts (under the leg, behind the back, bounce one, one off the wall, foot throw, throw three/catch two/juggle, bounce three/catch two/juggle, stomper starts, etc.), claw juggling, oof the wall juggling, floor juggling, thigh/foot/head bounce, etc.
    4. Partner juggling- Pass one, pass three, each pass one, steals (front, side by side), two person side by side juggling, etc.
    5. Other equipment- Basketballs, rubber chicken, etc.