• Muscles Lesson
    This week's lesson is just like the bones lesson from 4/27-5/1. It's the same relay, memory (concentration) game but with muscles instead of bones. Print out or write down two copies of all the muscle cards. Like you'll see in Fitness Concentration Sprints, lay the cards out on one side of the room, backyard, etc.. You can play by yourself or with your family. Run to the cards, flip over two cards, if you get a match, go again. If not, flip the cards back over (remembering what muscle or muscle description was where), and run back. Play until you find all the matches. I recommend that you play in this order: match the names of the muscles first, then match the muscle descriptions next, then play like the Fitness Concentration Sprints lesson says matching the muscle description to the muscle. E-mail me if you have any questions.
    As you'll see below, I've attached several muscle games to help you really get to know your muscles.