• Bean Bag Catch/Ring Toss/Ball/Soft Object/Paper/Plastic Bag


        Please adapt with each piece of equipment. 



    • Toss and catch bean bag/ring/ball/soft object/paper  with 2 hands
    • Toss bean bag/Ring/Ball up and clap and catch. 
    • Put one hand on head and catch bean bag/Ring with one hand
    • Switch bean bag/Ring/Ball to other hand and put other hand on head and catch bean bag with one hand.
    • Put bean bag/Ring/Ball on one foot. Lift up foot with bean bag on top and catch it when it goes up in the air.
    • Switch to other foot.
    • Clap and catch bean bag/Ring/Ball when it goes up from foot. Switch feet and clap and catch.
    • Put bean bag/Ring/Ball on head and balance by putting one foot up . Bend down with one foot. Switch feet and do the same. 
    • Sit down with bean bag/Ring/Ball while it is on student’s head. Stand up after they sit down with bean bag on head. 
    • Have them follow you while you walk around with bean bag/Ring/object  on head.  No hands on object.
    • Throw up object and clap as many times as you can before you catch object again.
    • Throw object above your head and make a full circle before you catch object again.


    New Challenges: Do everything from above and catch object with one hand. Then catch it with your other hand. 


    Ring only activities


    • After #4 on catching with each hand. Catch Rings by putting hand through right hand.
    • Switch to left hand
    • Do Right and left foot by catching it through hand.
    • Toss Ring on different  numbers on ground 


    Partner Activities


    • Toss bean bag/Ring to partner using one bag/Ring/Ball/Object
    • Each student toss bean bag/Ring/Ball/Object to partner at the same time.