• Balloon Activities


    Individual Activities: Creative Exploration using Balloon Balls Students will have 2 - 3 minutes to explore different uses of the balloon ball. Then, call out the following movement challenges


    "Show me how you can...


    ► Pass the balloon around your waist. Pass the ball around your knees. Pass 

    the ball around your ankles, Pass the ball around your head. Pass the ball around one knee, then the other knee. Figure 8 between your Knees. 


    Place your feet together roll the ball around your feet with your hands. . With feet apart, roll the ball around your feet figure 8.


    > Toss the balloon up into the air with one hand and catch with the same

    hand. Try to focus and track the ball with your eyes as the ball travels up and down. Try to toss the balloon just a few inches above your head. Now try the same activity with the other hand.


    >> Toss the balloon and catch with both hands.

    > Toss the balloon back and forth between your hands. Can you do thi

    while you are sitting down and standing up? 


    Toss the balloon into the air, clap your hands and catch it. Can you clap 

    your hands two times before you catch it? Three times?

    > Toss the balloon into the air, turn around and catch it before it touches the 



    > Toss the balloon under one leg and catch it with one hand. Then catch it 

    with two hands. Toss the balloon under one leg, clap your hands and then catch it! 

    Play hot potato. Take giant steps while tapping balloon with a partner as fast you can. 

    Place the balloon between your feet and jump into the air and catch it with 

    both hands. 


    > Toss the balloon into the air, let the ball bounce and bounce while it is 

    bouncing, how many jumping jacks can you do before it stops bouncing? How many times can you clap your hands before it stops? 

    > Toss the balloon upward above your head and jump to catch it at the 

    highest possible point. 

    Partner Activities: "Show me how you can..

    Roll the balloon to your partner, right hand, left hand, two hands. 

    ► Hike the balloon to your partner. Don't forget to say some cool hiking 

    talk, such as, “Blue! 54! Hot Dog! Hike! 

    ► Pass the balloon behind the back. Pass the balloon under the leg

    > Partners back to back, hand the ball with both hands to partner around 

    the body, (left and right). On signal, reverse direction: 

    > Partner back to back, hand the balloon with both hands to partner under 

    the legs and then over the head. 

    > Tap the balloon to different levels, (high, low, middle). 

    >> Place the balloon on the ground and use different parts of the foot to kick 

    the ball back and forth to your partner. Make sure you stop the ball before you kick it back to your partner. You can use the inside of your foot to stop it or gently step on the ball to stop it. 

    Partners face each other. One partner initiates movement using the 

    balloon ball. The other partner "mirrors" the movement. 

    > Try to run around your partner in a circle, tapping  the ball back and forth


    1. Tap Balloon with your head
    2. With your nose
    3. With your knees
    4. With your feet
    5. With your elbows
    6. With your shoulders
    7. With all your different body parts
    8. How many can you do in a row? 


    1. Do the same as above but count by 2’s
    2. Count by 5’s 
    3. Use all your different body parts and count  by 2’s with every tap.
    4. Use all your different body parts and count by 5’s with every tap. 


    1. Spell your first name by tapping back and forth
    2. Spell your last name
    3. Spell different family member names
    4. Spell your favorite Teacher’s name.
    5. Spell your hero’s name. 
    6. Spell any word