• Homemade P.E. Equipment

    Here is some idea that you can use to make some P.E. equipment at home that you can use for some of your activites.

    1. A ball - You can make a ball out of a crumpled piece of paper, a crumpled piece of paper wrapped in tape, or a sock rolled

    2. A target - You can draw any shape with sidewalk chalk outside, make a circle with string to. a box, bucket,or a laundry basket.

    3. Bowling pins - Use empty water bottles or empty soup type cans.

    4. Cones - Use a piece of paer folded from opposite coners then taped to keep together to make a cone. Fold at the botton to help it stand up.

    5. Scoop - Use an empty clean milk jug. Have an adult cut out the opening side of the jug.