There's lots of ways that you can make your own P.E. equipment at home. Here's some suggestions:
    • Ball - Use a rolled up pair of socks.


    • Bat - A large, family sized soda bottle can be used as a mini bat.


    • Bowling Pins - Use empty or slightly filled plastic water bottles. Also, 24-32 ounce yogurt and cottage cheese cups make great bowling towers.


    • Cone - Fold opposite corners of an 8 1/2 X 10 inch piece of paper inward. Use tape to hold the cone together. Make small folds at the bottom of the cone to keep it upright and level.


    • Medium Sized Stacking Cups - Use clean 24-32 ounce yogurt or cottage cheese cups. These make great towers that can be rolled or tossed towards and knocked over from different distances.


    • Scoop - You can make a scoop out of a clean milk jug or clean laundry detergent jug. Have an adult cut out the opening side of the jug for you.


    • Small Speed Stacking Cups - Use disposable, plastic, picnic cups.


    • Targets - Use laundry baskets, boxes, or anything with a hole in the top.


    • Wand - An empty paper towel roll makes a great balancing, flipping, rolling tube.


    If you have more ideas of homemade P.E. equipment, e-mail me and let me know what you've created. I'll add your ideas to this list!