HalfPint Skillastics is for Kindergarteners through 2nd graders. However, it can be played with the whole family (including upper grade students). Warm-up with the drills, then go on to the game.

    HalfPint Skillastics Drills


    When you read the game rules, you'll notice that there are several ways to play the game. Pick the version that works for you and your family, or try all the different ways to play the game throughout this week.

    After you print out the game cards, fold each one in half so that the color card is on one side and the exercise card is on the other. In other words, each card is double sided. Color the cards for another at-home activity.

    HalfPint Skillastics Game




    Fitness Skillastics is for 3rd through 5th graders (maybe 2nd graders depending on the individual student's work during HalfPint Skillastics).


    • This game is played like a giant board game.
    • Print out all the game cards, and cut them into individual cards. (Color them if you like.)
    • Place the cards in a big square shape on the floor in number order (like a board game). The cards form the outer border of the square. The middle of the square is empty.
    • You will need one or two game pieces depending on how many people (teams) are playing. A game piece could be as small as a penny or as big as a beanie baby.
    • Place the game pieces(s) on card #1.
    • You'll also need a pair of dice. If you don't have dice, tear up pieces of paper and write on each paper; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. One die is one pile of paper. The other die is a different pile of paper. If you can put the pile of paper in 2 different cups. That would be helpful.

    Game Rules

    • Roll one die (or pick a number from one pile of paper). This number indicates how many spaces the game piece will be moved on the game board.
    • Roll the other die (or pick a number from the other pile of paper). This number indicates how many repitions of the exercise the player or team will complete.
    • For a challenge, multiply the numbers from the dice (or the 2 peices of paper) to determine the number of repetitions of exercises that will be completed.


    • If 2 people are playing, take turns.
    • Continue taking turns until the game peice has moved all the way around the board.
    • Make sure to keep track of how long it takes to get all the way around the board.
    • Play again and try to get your game piece all the way around the board faster.


    • If 4 or more people are playing, create 2 teams.
    • Take turns with your team members.
    • You'll need a set of dice (or 2 piles of paper numbers) for each team. 
    • Each team will need their own unique game piece.
    • Teams will begin the game at the same time.
    • The goal is to be the first team to get their game piece all the way around the game board first.
    • When done, play again, but mix-up the team members this time.
    • You could also play again, but get your game peiece around the board twice before the other team does.

     Fitness Skillastics Game Exercises


    Optional: Play 4 Corners with the cards. 


    • Divide the cards into 4 even piles.
    • Put one pile in each corner of the room or yard.
    • Number each corner as 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    • You'll need music.
    • Someone needs to start and stop the music during the game.
    • The music person needs to close their eyes or turn their back while the music is playing.

    Game Rules

    • When the music starts. players move around the room or yard in a large circle.
    • The movement should be vigorous (fast walk, jog, run, skip, gallop, side step, dance).
    • When the music stops, players go to the closest corner.
    • The music person, still with eyes closed or back turned, will say a number (1-4).
    • The player(s) in that corner picks an exercise card out of the pile, and does 10 repetitions of the exercise on the card.
    • If no one is in the corner selected, then every player picks an exercise card from the corner they are in and does 5-10 repetitions of the exercise on the card.
    • The card(s) should be put back in their pile and remixed.
    • The music starts again when all players are ready.
    • After several rounds of the game, pick a new music person.