• Fitness Testing
    Here are the fitness tests that all fifth graders are required to complete starting in February. The more you practice these tests, the better prepared you will be next year, and of course, the stronger and fitter you will become. Let's go!
    Shoulder Stretch (Flexibility)
    This is the test where you pat yourself on the back with one hand, then reach and try to touch that hand with the other. If you can touch your finger tips together, then the test result is a YES.
    Trunk Lift (Flexibility)
    Lay down on your stomach with your forehead on the floor. When you're ready, arch up and hold your body steady for 3 seconds, then relax. Don't forget to keep your gaze on the floor, think chin to chest. This test is measured with a ruler from the floor to the bottom edge of your chin.
    Curl-Ups (Abdominal Strength)
    This is the sit-up test. Lay down face-up on a supported, padded mat or towel with your hands by your side. Steadily curl your body up halfway, then back down again. Remember, this test is all about your abdominals. Those are the muscles that are doing the work, not your arms or your neck. There is a cadence that plays when we practice and take the test. I have it included below.
    You get to choose one of these:
    Flexed Arm Hang (Upper Body Strength)
    This can be practiced if your home has a gym with a pull-up bar. When playground areas open back up, then you might be able to practice this test there.
    Push-Ups (Upper Body Strength)
    Remember to make a 90 degree angle with your arms. Keep your body stable and straight. No seals, no triangles.
    Again, choose one of these:
    Pacer (Cardiovascular Strength)
    The pacer course length is 20 meters. If you practice this test, please do so in a safe area. The beeps of the cadence get faster upon completing each level.
    One Mile Run (Cardiovascular Strength)
    If you want, you can time your run. Keep a steady pace, and try not to stop and walk too often.
    As you scroll down the pages of the attachment, you'll see the word Fitnessgram a lot. It's the name of the program used to give the physical fitness tests. I have included the following pages in the attachment:
    Get Fit Exercises
    This page includes a warm-up, strength exercises, aerobic activty suggestions, and a cool down.
    Standards for the Healthy Fitness Zone
    These are the charts that you can use to check your progressThese include your test ranges AKA your goals. Don't forget to make sure you're looking at the standards that are appropriate for your age and gender.
    Personal Fitness Record
     I included these in case you would like to keep track of your progress and improvement.
    Activitygram Logging Chart
    This is a paper that you can record your daily exercise on if you would like to. The bottom half of the page has different categories of physical activities which I find very interesting.
    Activitygram Pyramid
    This last page shows the physcial actvity categories in pyramid form. It's a neat and practical way to look at our different levels of exercise.